Ever Struggled To Motivate Yourself?

Discover Exactly How To Activate Motivation On Demand, Eliminate Procrastination, Hack Your Brain, Break Bad Habits, Boost Your Self-Discipline & Achieve Your Goals Rapidly!

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Do You Know The 1 Key 40+ Years Of Scientific Research Has Proven To Create...


Do You Know The 1 Key 40+ Years Of Scientific Research Has Proven To Create...


A number of important research studies, conducted over 40 years, uncovered 1 very specific & important factor required for success...

They found that the people who possessed this 1 factor were... 
  • HEALTHIER & FITTER... they were in better shape, had more energy, vitality, skinner, healthier, etc
  • EARNED MORE MONEY... they had better jobs, received more promotions, earned more money, had better businesses, etc...
  • HAD BETTER RELATIONSHIPS... with their partner, kids, friends & family... had a lower divorce rater... better connections...
By almost every definition of the word 'success', the people who possessed this 1 factor ended up more 'successful' in life...
Now, you may be thinking...

"What is this 1 factor these studies found to be essential for success?"

Well, it's simply this...

The Ability To Motivate Yourself, Be Self-Disciplined & Delay Gratification

The studies found that the people who had this 1 ability & were able to 'delay gratification' (which simply means they were better at resisting temptation that provided pleasure right away, & instead make decisions that created better long-term results)...

These individuals achieved more & were more successful :-)

The researchers also found that this 1 factor - the ability to self-motivate & delay gratification - was a more accurate predictor of success in life that IQ, grades from school, education level or family income & upbringing...

It's really just common sense, isn't it?

For some, hearing about the results of this study, may be shocking!

However, for others, it may not be...

That's because this is very much the same as what we already know, intuitively, about what creates success...

Most people already understand just how important this ability to motivate yourself, be self-disciplined, avoid procrastinating & do the things that matter over the long-term, rather than getting tempted by instant-gratification, is!

In fact, at some point, you've probably thought this to yourself...

"If only I had more motivation"... or... "I wish I had more willpower"...

...this is because you already know, intuitively, that if you were only able to master motivation & become more self-disciplined in life, you'd be able to:
  • Supercharge your progress towards your goals...
  • ​​Achieve your goals... much faster & easier than before...
  • Make more of the right decisions... leading to better results, & a better quality of life, for you & your loved ones...
  • Unleash your full potential... & be the person you want to be!
Deep down, you already know this to be true... 

You know the inability to motivate yourself when you need it is what has held you back, at times, from making progress & achieving more...

You know mastering your motivation & becoming more self-disciplined is what's going to help you attain your goals much easier & faster...

The question, of course, is "HOW can you do this?"

Well, I've actually got some good news for you today...

If you've ever wished you had more motivation... that you could be more self-disciplined... that you stop procrastination on the important tasks you know you need to get done... easily resist temptation... change your habits... & start achieving your goals quicker & easier... then here's the good news...

MOTIVATION can be developed!

The other fascinating insight that modern scientific research has now proven is that this factor - the ability to motivate yourself, be self-discipline, eliminate procrastination & delay gratification - is something that you can develop!

It's not a 'fixed' attribute that you either have, or don't have...

It's not something you're either born with, or born without...

NO - it's something which can be learned, trained & developed.

And beyond that, there are methods for this... so, let me ask you this...

Did You Know There Are Scientifically-Proven Strategies, Tactics, Frameworks & Processes That Will Enable You To Consistently, Predictably & Controllably Activate Motivation, Combat Procrastination & Make Rapid Progress?

A lot of people don't know that motivation & self-discipline can be developed, and have very little understanding of the strategies & methods available to us when it comes to our motivation & ability to take massive action...

This is, in large part, the fault of the education system...

Despite the fact that this is perhaps the single most important factor that'll help you start achieving better results across all important areas of your life, the education system fails to teach us this.

And so, most people are left confused when it comes to motivation...

Most people understand how important this is for success, but don't know what to do to actually make these shifts in their life...

Most people just wake up each morning & "hope" that today they'll have the motivation & self-discipline to make progress on their goals...

However, "hoping" isn't a particularly good strategy, for success...

Which is why most people, despite their best intentions, continue to struggle to apply what they know, take consistent & focused action & achieve what they truly desire in life...

My goal is to change this...

I've spent the last 8+ years studying performance psychology, neuroscience, human behavior & the brain, searching for answers...

I also studied so many of world's highest performing & highest achieving individuals (across countless fields, from business to sport, from investing to acting, from to science, to music, to art - you name it!)... figuring out what separated them from the everybody else...

Then came rigorous testing & personal experimentation... 

I became my own 'guinea pig' & put everything I discovered to the test!

I experimented with everything I learned to figure out what actually worked consistently & predictably, as well as what didn't...

Lots of things I had read about motivation, surprisingly, didn't actually work so well in the real world...

But, some of the things I learned did work, so I focused in on these!

I applied them into my life & by doing so, I starting to see a massive change in my motivation & self-discipline (& my results!)...
However, most importantly, after my initial learning, discovery & personal experimentation... I started to take on clients & start replicating the results...

I took the strategies, methods, frameworks & transformative processes I've learned, tested & developed, & I used these to help my clients create amazing breakthroughs as well, in their lives...

I've worked with, helped & coached people from so many different walks of life... including multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, sales people, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

And I've helped clients to start businesses they've been delaying on starting for years, transform relationships they've struggled with, write books they've always wanted to write, stop procrastinating on big goals & projects for them, quit smoking, stop drinking, get off drugs, overcome fears & phobias, & much, much more!

Through this, by working with people from many different countries, various professions, backgrounds, education level's, etc... I found that there really are some frameworks, methods & processes that are universal & work for anyone!

At the very beginning of this journey of discovery, I also realized that...

Highest Achievers Think About Motivation Differently (They Don't Just 'Hope' For It!)

The world's highest achievers dont wake up & "hope" they're motivated to do the things they know they need to do to achieve their goals...

No - they, either consciously or unconsciously, follow certain frameworks & use certain psychological methods, that inspire them into action every single day...



On Demand...

It's what allows them to do what others aren't willing (or "don't feel like" doing) & therefore achieve things other's only wish they can achieve!

When I first realized this, that's when I became obsessing with figuring out, decoding how I can do the same in my life... & I did :-)

What really enables me to create the results I've created so far in my life was learning to go from "hoping" for motivation to show up when I need it, to knowing exactly what I had to do to activate motivation on demand (just like the world's highest achievers do it!)...

And the same applies to the results I've been able to help my amazing clients as well - it all comes down to thinking about motivation just like the world's highest achievers do it, instead of how the average individual does, "hoping"...

Now, here's the best part - the very best news I've got for you today...

I'm finally 'peeling back the curtain' & sharing EVERYTHING with you...

I'm going to share with you the motivation secrets of the world's highest achievers... & show you how to go from "hoping" for motivation to learning how to activate it on demand in your life...

I'm going to show you the universal, proven & research-backed frameworks, strategies & processes that'll help you transform your motivation & your life...

See, after all of this, I've finally decided to package up everything I've learned, & the methods & processes I've refined over the years to transform my life (& the lives of my customers & clients around the world)... & I packaged it all into a program to help you do the same!
-- Introducing --

IGNITION Motivation Mastery Program

Ignition is a complete motivation & self-discipline program...

It contains 8 modules, and 15+ hours of world-class training, which decodes, deconstructs & demystifies motivation & self-discipline... 
This program contains cutting-edge insights, big ideas, transformative frameworks, practical strategies, tools & unique processes' to help you:
  • Activate Motivation On Demand! - you'll learn exactly how to pull on the psychological & emotional levers inside you, to instantly ignite motivation for any goal, task or activity in front of you...
  • Eliminate Procrastination - you'll learn what actually causes us to procrastinate & how to make some simple mental changes to rapidly combat procrastination, stop delaying & take action...
  • Easily Resist Temptations - you'll learn the exact steps you need to change your automatic, subconscious response to certain temptations in your life... so that resisting them becomes easy...
  • ​​Quickly Break Bad Habits & Build News Ones - you'll learn proven processes to break bad habits & build new, empowering ones, faster & easier than you may have even thought is possible...
  • ​​​Make Better Decisions - you'll be able to more consistently make the right decisions, which will help you avoid regret, and live the life you truly desire & deserve to live!
  • ​​Build Inner Strength & Self-Discipline - you'll learn practices & exercise you can apply to develop a sense of inner strength & self-discipline that'll make motivation, resisting temptations, avoiding procrastination & making the right decisions automatic..
...and much, much more...
Ignition is unlike any personal growth program out there because it goes to the real core of what creates human motivation... demystifies this topic in a simple-to-understand & easy-to-implement way... & also gives you the practical steps you need to take to think about (& work with) motivation just like the world's highest achievers do it...

In Case You're Curious, Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In This 8-Module, World-Class Training Program:


The Motivation Formula

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • Want to create better health & fitness, improve your relationships, advance your career & improve your finances?  START HERE… you’ll learn exactly why mastering your motivation is critical to getting better results across all the important areas of your life… (plus: how you can get started improving your motivation in the most effective way!)
  • The 3 BIG REASONS why motivation is not just important, but MORE important than it’s ever been before! (INCLUDING... how certain industries & big corporations prey on people’s lack of self-discipline & self-control to rack in record profits… & what we can do to stop playing into their hands!)
  • ​​​The #1 MISCONCEPTION about motivation that holds people back from getting better results - learning this will change how you think about motivation forever!
  • Skeptical you can change & become a highly motivated & disciplined person? DON’T BE!  - 'Change is hard’ is a just LIE we’ve been programmed to believe… but, new psychological research proves just how elastic & malleable the human brain really is! I’ll share this with you… as well as how you can begin to make remarkable transformative in life (even if you don’t believe you can right now!)
  • ​​​The #1 ‘MINDSET SHIFT’ you must make if you want to master your motivation & achieve your goals, faster! (note: making this shift will give you a greater sense of control over your results in life than you’ve ever experienced before!)
  • ​​​The 3 variables of ‘THE MOTIVATION FORMULA’ explained! -- You’ll learn a scientific, research-backed formula for motivation & you’ll get a detailed run-down of the 3 variables make or break your motivation to do anything (note: each of these 3 variables is like a psychological lever inside your brain that you can pull to create greater motivation!)
  • ​​​How to activate motivation to complete virtual ANY task, project or goal in your life, ON DEMAND... by practically applying ‘the motivation formula’ & pulling each of these 3 psychological levers required to do so!
  • ​​​The 1st THING you should always do when learning anything new, pursuing any new goal, or encountering a new situation… this takes less than 5 minutes, but will rapidly boost your motivation & help you follow through on what you want!
  • ​​​The only 3 QUESTIONS you need to ask yourself if you want more motivation to do anything... (important: learning this will crystalize your understanding of 'the motivation formula’ you’ll learn in module #1 & help you implement what you learn inside this program to improve ALL of the important areas of your life!)
Value: $97.00

The Science Of Motive

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The 2 GUIDING FORCES that drive our everyday motivation, decisions & actions (warning: if you don’t understand how these 2 guiding forces affect your every day actions… you’re likely falling victim to them, without even realizing it!)
  • Do you ever find yourself avoiding thing that you logically know you should be doing (e.g. eating well, exercising, committing in a relationship, working hard, saving money, etc)?  I’ll explain what happens in the brain that causes this & how you can begin to flip it so that you DO follow through, take action & get better results in life! (including: how to apply Dr. Jeffrey Alan’s game-changing “biopsychological theory” to take back control of your own motivation!)
  • ​​​‘ASSOCIATION FORMATION’ explained - The 5 parameters through which our brain forms connections & associations (important: learning this framework will help you understand why you do what you do… as well as help you easily avoid making bad decisions, developing bad habits & self-sabotaging in the future!)
  • ​PROCRASTINATION DECODED - you’ll learn why we sometimes procrastinate, delay & postpone on important tasks, projects & goals… & step-by-step what you can do to eliminate procrastination to get (much) more done!
  • ​​​The 6 attributes that have been scientifically proven to increase your odds of procrastination… as well as how to counter-act each one of these 6 attributes to skew your odds of success in your favour!
  • ​​​Where does motivation actually come from? I’ll walk you through the ‘3 Part’s Of The Brain’ framework & explain exactly where motivation comes from in your brain! (I wished I had learned this in school… but this isn’t something that the education system, or mnainstream media is ever going to share with you!)
  • ​​​LOGIC vs EMOTION - you may have heard that the key to self-discipline & achieving success is to only listen to the logical part of your brain & ignore any emotional impulses that you may have… but this advice is only half-true! In reality, your EMOTIONS can quickly become your best friend when achieving your goals, but only if you understand the ‘2 Models of Motivation’ framework I’ll share with you in this 2nd module…
  • ​​​THE 1-PAGE MOTIVATION WORKSHEET - I created a simple 1-page worksheet that’ll help you to PRACTICALLY apply a lot of the ideas from this module, in a quick, easy & fun way. I’ll give you access to this worksheet in this module!
  • ​​​WILLPOWER BASICS - You’ll learn exactly how your willpower works, how it’s drained during the way, how to regenerate it, the ‘decision fatigue’ theory & best practices that you can implement into your own life, almost instantly, to use your willpower optimally! (just like the world’s highest achievers do it!)
  • ​​​SLEEP & MOTIVATION - we all know sleep is important, but how does it affect our motivation?  I’ll share with you 2 eye-opening research studies that’ll change how you think about your sleep, as well as your motivation, forever!
  • A stupidly-simple “brain hack” you can use to stop delaying & take immediate action on your goals, even if you “don’t feel like it” -- very few people are actively using this brain hack, even though it takes seconds to implement & immediately gets you into action!
  • ​The “Brain’s Universal Language” strategy - you’ll learn to rapidly change how your brain encodes incoming information, so that avoiding bad choices & making good ones becomes not just easy, but automatic! (note: this is the basis of what makes methods such as NLP, Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis so effective!)
  • ​How to connect with a future result that you want much more strongly, deeply & intensely so that your brain is automatically drawn towards it (including, a powerful visualization you can use to do this, for any goal, in just 10 minutes!)
  • ​Have you ever heard the expression “the straw that broke the camels back?” Well, I’ll show you exactly how to use the mechanism behind this ideas - known as “Threshold Patterns” - to make PERMANENT & LASTING changes in your life!
  • ​A complete breakdown of exactly how I help my clients change limiting beliefs, break lifelong habits & overcome addiction in as little as 90 minutes, on a single coaching call! Not only do I give you the exact processes I use, but I’ll also explain exactly WHY they work (in case you’re curious!)
  • Exactly when to apply each of the 5 game-changing motivation strategies you’ll learn in this module, for optimal results! (note: learning these strategies & knowing when to apply each of them is the key to activating motivation on demand, eliminating procrastination, hacking your brain & achieving your goals)
Value: $97.00

Hacking Belief

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The research-backed link between BELIEF & MOTIVATION… plus, how you can strategically build up your belief so your brain is automatically more motivated to act! (including: jaw-dropping scientific breakthroughs which demonstrate the power of belief & it’s impact on your success or failure in life!)
  • Why do the rich get richer & the poor get poorer?  It all comes back to the 3 parts of ‘THE MOMENTUM CYCLE’ you'll learn in this module! (important: once you learn this, you’ll know how you to ‘hack' it… so you can get out any rut quickly, get ‘unstuck’ & get into positive, forward momentum, at will!)
  • ​​​‘BELIEF HACKING’ explained - You’ll learn the structure of belief & how our brain forms a sense of belief / doubt in the first place… (PLUS: the ‘7 building blocks of belief’ you can use to hack this mechanism & generate an unshakeable sense of self-belief & self-confidence in a controllable & predictable way!)
  • How to remove any LIMITING BELIEFS you have may, holding you back from more success in your life. I’ll give you a practical strategy you can use to do this!
  • ​​​The eye-opening, ‘The ‘3 Categories Of Conditioning’ framework (that explains why we do what we do)... & the exact steps you can take to predictable improve the results that you're getting in ANY area of your life! (note: this is must-know information for anyone on the journey of personal growth, self-help & success!)
  • ​​​ENVIRONMENT DESIGN - How to design a badass environment around you that sets you up for maximum motivationhigh performance.
  • ​​​The breakthrough 2007 study which reveals just how things like smoking, obesity & even unhappiness spread amongst friends & to what extent do the people you spend time affect your life choices... (based on the data from one of the largest & longest running health studies to date!)
  • ​​​How to change your 'role models' so you're subconsciously motivated towards different kinds of decisions, actions & results in life (note: doing this changed my own life in the most amazing ways… & it’ll do the same for you!)
  • ​​​How to psychologically “trick your brain” into staying motivated & focused on anything for LONGER… by using this 1 stupidly-simple environment hack!
  • ​​​THE PROGRESS-MOTIVATION CYCLE - I’ll explain the link between progress & motivation, as well as show you how you can hack this to multiply the motivational effect that the initial progress you make has on you, so that you stay motivated longer & hit your goals faster!
  • A complete walkthrough of the 'BELIEF HACKING PROCESS' & how to use it to create unshakeable belief that you can overcome some challenge, or achieve some goal, in your life… in less than 30 minutes!
Value: $97.00

Comparative Importance

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The 2 BIOLOGICAL & 6 PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS we ALL, as human being, share... & how they affect our motivation & behavior - (plus: I’ll show you how you can connect any task, project or goal you have, to these core human needs, so that your motivation is triggered & unleashed rapidly!)
  • If we are all driven by the same underlying human needs... then, why do some people get such vastly different results in life than others?  Well, It all comes down to 2 DIFFERENCES (which make all the difference)... I’ll share these with you & show you exactly how you can make real & lasting changes in your life!
  • ​​​REVEALED: The single easiest way to break bad habits & replace them with better, more empowering alternatives... that propel you to success!
  • ​The 2 best ways to figure out exactly what your actual, subconscious priorities have been up until now! - (warning: not knowing this critical information about ourselves is what, unfortunately, leads people all around the world to stay stuck & struggling in life… & learning this will help you to “know yourself” & thrive!)
  • ​​​BONUS - The ‘priority awareness process’ - I’m going to give you access to a special process I created which will help you practically identity what your subconscious PRIORITIES are (so you can change them!)in just 20 minutes!
  • ​​​Practical steps that anyone can take to change their conscious & subconscious PRIORITIES so bad decisions, habits & temptations begin to fall away naturally!
  • ​​​Ever struggled to EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE & IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH?  I’ll show you exactly why this is & how you can apply everything from the first 4 modules of this program to break bad habits, develop empowering health habits, lose weight, look better, feel better & transform your health & fitness forever!
  • ​​​How to transform not only your health, but your LOVE LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS  too... by applying all the scientifically-backed principles, practical strategies & transformative processes from the first 4 modules of this program!
  • Want to make more money, advance your career & improve your finances?  I’ll also show you specifically how you can apply everything from this program to do exactly this! -- (note: health, relationship, money or any other goal really comes down to doing the right things consistently… which is why everything you will learn in this program can be immediately applied to transform not just 1, but ALL of these important areas of your life!)
  • The ‘3 BIG DOMINO’s’ motivation framework explained -- there are 3 specific characteristics that you can develop within yourself, which will raise your level of motivation to do not just 1 individual thing, but ALL of the important things in your life SIMULTANEOUSLY -- (important: learning this is the secret to LASTING motivation, which just flows through you naturally & automatically!)
Value: $97.00

Generating Vision & Clarity

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The strong correlation (link) between CLARITY (knowing what you want) & your level of sustainable & lasting MOTIVATION in life... (including: eye-opening psychological research that backs this up, & inspiring examples that'll empower you to think about clarity, vision, purpose & goals in a whole new way!)
  • ​The “3 CATEGORIES OF HUMAN AMBITION” framework -- learning this will help you set complete & holistic goals across ALL the important areas of life!
  • ​​​Why 92% of New Years Resolutions fail, 97% of diets & 70% of change initiatives in the workplace FAIL… & proven steps you can take to actually SUSTAIN that “elevated” sense of self-awareness & motivation that people experience upon setting a new goal or beginning a new year... ALL YEAR LONG!
  • ​Most people only stop a few times a year (New Years, their birthday, times of crisis, etc) to assess their progress in life & think about making changes... you’ll learn a powerful framework for strategically increasing your “frequency of tracking” & multiplying your success!
  • ​​​SETTING GOAL IS NOT ENOUGH! There are actually 3 PARTS (as you’ll learn) to developing true “clarity” that leads to achievement! (note: Most people only do step #2, but forget about step #1 & the critical step #3 - are you doing all 3?)
  • ​​​5 simple, yet powerful, clarity-generation strategies that you can use to consistently & predictable create new ideas, find new solutions, identify new ambitions & develop a strong sense of purpose that pulls you towards success!
  • ​​​Marcus Aurelius, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain & George Lucas all used the same 1 PRACTICE to better reflect on situations, gain clarity & find answers to life’s questions (& how you can use this same strategy as well in your life!)
  • ​​​The 5 BIG Biological, Psychological & Environmental Reasons that keep people dreaming small & settling for mediocrity... (& how to counter-act each of them to achieve more & actualize your true potential!)
  • ​​​The #1 LIMITING BELIEF that​ keeping people stuck in the same struggles, failures, mistakes & problems in life over & over again (& how to overcome it!)
  • ​​​Do your goals sometimes fail to motivate you into action, over the long-term?The ‘HAMMER & NAIL’ framework will change how you think about goals forever… (note: applying this framework, as I’ll show you how to do, will help you to generate maximum motivation from any goal that you set for yourself!)
  • ​TRUTH: If you focus too much on your goals, you will never achieve them! This may sound like a bad thing. But, it’s not! It’s just all about TIMING -- I’ll show you exactly when you should be focusing on your goals & when to ignore your goals & focus on something else… (note: learning this will improve your motivation, supercharge your progress & give you the ultimate competitive advantage!)
  • The counter-intuitive, yet highly-effective ‘Ambition Stacking’ hack that high achievers routinely use to achieve not just a single goal, but stack success upon success... to achieve a lot more, in a lot less time!
  • 5 specific goal-setting INSIGHTS (modelled from the world’s highest achieving individuals) which you can apply into your own life, to fine-tune your own goals for maximum motivation, inspiration, progress & multiplied results!
Value: $97.00

Cultivating Confidence

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • 1 SIMPLE THING you can do to raise your motivation to do not just 1 specific task, but every task, project & goals in your life SIMULTANEOUSLY! - (note: this may sound too good to be true, but it’s possible & 60+ years of studies proves it)
  • ​SELF-CONFIDENCE. DEMYSTIFIED. - you’ll learn why it’s so important, what self-confidence really is, the 3 levels that make up self-confidence & exactly how you can transform your own confidence to raise your performance!
  • ​​​The '2 Elements of State' framework & how to apply it to change how you feel, take charge of your emotions & generate any feeling you want, virtually at will! (note: this is based on modern psychological research, which proves that our thoughts & feelings are NOT random & therefore, there are specific things that we can do to predictably change them. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do this…)
  • How to apply the 3 basic principles of ‘FOCUS’, ‘MEANING’ & ‘CODE’ to change your thinking easily (note: mastering this is the real key to removing negative thinking, becoming a more positive person & being in control of your life!)
  • ​​​A simple “brain hack” which helped a sales person go from almost nothing in sales to $500k / year... in less than 12 months - (plus: how you apply this same hack to do things you’ve been delaying on, avoiding or not doing consistently!)   
  • ​​​How to apply the principle of 'inversion' (as used by famous mathematicians, philosophers & top investors, for generations) to raise your self-confidence.
  • ​​​Ever felt paralyzed by fear? Has fear ever stopped you from taking action & making progress on your goals? NO MORE! I’ll share what fear really is, how the brain creates fear in the first place & what you can do to overcome it (including: 4 practical & highly-effective strategies that you can use to overcome FEAR!)
  • ​​​A 30 DAY CHALLENGE that’ll re-program your brain to think about (& respond to) FEAR in an empowering way! (just like the world’s highest achievers do it!)
  • ​​​A simple method you can use to turn nervousness into confidence, stress into calmness & anxiety into courage... in less than 60 seconds! -- (note: this is especially useful when you feel pressure to perform, such as before a big presentation, public speaking, sales pitch, job interview, an exam or big game!)  
  • ​​​3 elite-level ‘mindset shifts’ (based on the study of the world’s highest achievers) & how you can apply each of them to master your mindset, elevate your thinking & achieve better results across ALL areas of your life!
  • One of the biggest secrets to developing self-confidence is ‘__________ ____” -you’ll learn what this secret is, as well as yet another powerful process you can you use to practically apply this secret into your own life!
  • ​The ‘WIN’S INTEGRATION PROCESS’ - Another powerful process that you can use to integrate your progress & win’s from the past into your current identify to radically improve your core self-confidence & feel unstoppable!
Value: $97.00

Secrets Of Consciousness

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The ‘6 ELEMENTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS’ framework - learning these 6 elements is the real key to strategically raising your consciousness... so that problems in your life begin to fall away naturally, inspiration flows through you, motivation soars & your potential is fully unleashed!
  • How to raise your motivation to do what’s important to you, by levelling your SELF-AWARENESS (including: 3 specific, research-backed ways that your self-awareness & motivation are connected... & affecting all  areas of your life!)
  • ​​​How to use simple self-awareness & mindfulness practices to break past fears, limitations, bad habits & stop self-sabotaging behaviors (note: new research proves that doing this is 2X as effective as other methods other there!)
  • 3 PRACTICAL STRATEGIES that you can begin to use immediately to become more self-aware, conscious & mindful in your life! (note: each of these strategies takes less than 10 mins to do per day, but will help you reap incredible rewards!)
  • ​​​THE SUBJECTIVE NATURE OF REALITY - how your 'identity' acts like a 'filter' that emphasizes certain parts of the human experience & literally blinds you from seeing certain other opportunities in your life -- understanding this is the holy-grail to gaining perspective & turning results around in your life!
  • ​​​1 simple ‘mindset shift’ that’ll help you overcome fear & make BOLD DECISIONS (which propel you towards the success you deserve) as if it were second nature!
  • ​​​The single biggest secret to leveling up your motivation AND then sustaining that motivation over the long-term - just like the world's highest achievers do it!
  • ​​​What to do when you have a hard time visualizing, meditating, or imagining the future... (note: this 1 insight will change how you think about these practices forever & will help you get the most out of this entire training program!)
  • ​​​INTRINSIC vs EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION - you may have heard of these '2 types of motivation' & you may know the difference between them.... but, what you’ll learn in this module will take any existing understanding you have of intrinsic motivation, hacking your brain & raising your consciousness to the NEXT LEVEL!
Value: $97.00

Self-Discipline & Action

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • ​​​​​​SELF-DISCIPLINE DECODED - How to integrate what you learn in this program into your identify (& train it over time) so that heightened motivation, delayed gratification & self-discipline becomes automatic & second nature to you!
  • ​​​​Why 'SUCCESS LOVES SPEED' (hint: it’s primarily based on the power of accumulation & the ‘compound effect’)... as well as proven mindset shifts that will help you accelerate the attainment of any goal you're pursuing!
  • ​​​How to optimally react to any setbacks that you may face as you implement everything you learned in this program - in a way that supports heightened motivation, confidence & complete integration of this information!
  • ​How to train yourself to become an ‘implementation machine!’ (note: this will not only help you with this program but with every book, course, program, class, event, coaching session you ever go through!)
  • ​​​The ‘’IMPLEMENTATION SPEED’’ framework (& the specific set of insights that comes along with it)... that’ll help you not just implement stuff, but implement ideas & strategies into your life at an accelerated rate!
  • ​​​​​​SUMMARY - BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: how to implement everything in this program, step-by-step (without any overwhelm!)  to activate motivation on demand, eliminate procrastination, hack your brain, boost your self-discipline & achieve your goals faster & easier!
Value: $97.00

But, That's Not All...

On top of these 8 modules of world-class motivation trainingyou also get instant & lifetime access to 5 'transformative motivation processes!'

These are plug-and-play "processes" that you go through (to practically apply the content & ideas I share in the modules) & they will help you make amazing internal shifts in just minutes!

Seriously, these are the same 'transformative processes' I routinely use to help clients create remarkable transformations in rapid time!

Clients pay thousands of dollars for 1 to 1 coaching with me & these processes are my 'secret sauce' - they're what I use to get them results

However, I've decided to do something very special here... which is to package up these processes & give you access to all 5 of them as part of the Ignition Motivation Mastery Program... 

Here are the 5 "Transformative Motivation Processes" you are getting access to today...


Motive Matrix Process

Imagine if you could re-wire & re-program your mind so that...

1) the thing that you previously struggled to motivate yourself to do (e.g. exercising, eating right, saving money, putting yourself out there), you would start doing easily?

2) the bad things that you were previously tempted by & constantly pulled towards (e.g. sweets, Netflix, video games, drinking, smoking) become easy to avoid?

It's all possible with the Motive Matrix Process (which is the same, transformative, process I regularly use when helping my clients break bad habits, overcome addictions, move past fears & phobia's & change limiting beliefs... in a single 90 minute coaching session!)

This process helps you to change your subconscious associations so that temptations fall away naturally... & motivation to do the right things (that move your life forwards) becomes easily & automatic!
Value: $47.00

Belief Hacking Process

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you believe it, you can achieve it?"

The challenge, of course, is that most people don't truly believe that they can achieve their goals... which is what ultimately causes them to self-sabotage, take half-assed action & fail to make progress!

The Belief Hacking Process is the antidote to this... it'll help you to strategically & predictable raise your belief that you can overcome any challenge, or achieve any goal you have... in just 30 minutes!
Value: $47.00

Monthly Clarity Process

Research proves that people who have a strong sense of clarity, have clear goals & know exactly what they want in life are more likely to achieve their dreams!

The Monthly Clarity Process is a transformative 3-step visualisation & goal-setting process that'll help you generate this sense of clarity & vision for your life (even if you feel stuck or lost or confused right now.)

Plus, it'll also help you to connect emotionally with your goals in a way that you've probably never done before... in turn, sparking a powerful & lasting source of motivation & drive that'll propel you forward!
Value: $47.00

Necessity Escalation Process

Setting goal is not enough! That's because most of the motivational power a goal brings doesn't come from the goal itself... but rather from the REASONS for why we want to achieve the goal in the first place!

Connecting with these reasons emotionally & escalating our sense of 'necessity' (which scientific proves essential for high performance) is critical to the attainment of any dream you have.

That's exactly what this Necessity Escalation Process will help you do...
Value: $47.00

Integrating Win's Process

A strong & unshakeable sense of self-confidence is build through the integration of our progress & our win's in life into our identity. 

The challenge is most people never do this (because we were never taught why this is important & how to do this!)

The Win's Integration Process will help you to integrate your progress & win's into your identity, rapidly boosting your self-confidence!
Value: $47.00

Plus, You're Also Getting Access To A Number Of Special BONUSES...

On top of everything else, you're also getting access to a number of very special bonuses that'll further elevate your Ignition experience...

These bonuses include...

Habit Mastery Mini-Course

As the saying goes "change your habits, change your life"...

At times, we all develop bad, harmful & self-sabotaging habits that move us away from the success we want (instead of towards it!)

But, that's not the problem... the real issue is we've never been taught how habits work, the psychological mechanisms behinds the habits we develop & exactly how we can quickly & easily break those bad habits.

Well, that's exactly what this 5-part mini-course will teach you!
Value: $97.00

Accelerated Habit Building Audio

Equally essential is our ability to build new & empowering habits (e.g. health habits, money habits, relationship habits, etc) that move us towards the life that we truly want!

Inside the Accelerated Habit Building Audio Training, you'll learn 12 proven strategies that you can use to build any habit you want faster & easier than you may have thought possible.
Value: $37.00

Exclusive Support Channel

On top of everything else, you also can ask any questions you have about motivation & self-discipline (as well as anything else covered inside the Ignition Motivation Mastery Program) & get answers to your questions from me directly.

A lot of course creators & experts don't offer anything like this because they won't want customers contacting them & asking lots of questions)

I prefer the opposite... the more direct, specific questions I get from my audience, the better. The better their experience is & the more input I have to create amazing products & programs in the future.

Exclusive Support Channel - get answers to your specific questions from Bogdan directly as you go through the Ignition Program.
Value: $297.00

Facebook Community Group

Sometimes, personal growth can feel like a lonely journey! 

This won't be the case with the Ignition Motivation Mastery program. Not only do you get access to me (with any questions you have about the program itself) but you also get access to a community of members also going through this program as well!

You get access to a Facebook Community Group, where you can also ask questions, engage with others & share your progress!
Value: Priceless!

In Summary, Here's Everything 
You're Getting Today...

 The Core 8-Module Training Program

  • Module #1: The Motivation Formula ​
  • ​Module #2: The Science Of Motive ​
  • ​Module #3: Hacking Belief
  • Module ​#4: Comparative Importance 
  • ​Module #5: Generating Vision & Clarity 
  • ​​Module #6: Cultivating Confidence ​
  • ​Module #7: Secrets Of Consciousness 
  • ​​Module #8: Self-Discipline & Action

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Module #1: The Motivation Formula  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #2: The Science Of Motive  ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #3: Hacking Belief  ($97.00 Value)
  • Module ​#4: Comparative Importance  ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #5: Generating Vision & Clarity  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #6: Cultivating Confidence  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #7: Secrets Of Consciousness  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #8: Self-Discipline & Action  ($97.00 Value)

 Transformative Motivation "Processes"

  • Process #1: The Motive Matrix Process ​
  • ​Process #2: Belief Hacking Process​
  • ​Process #3: Monthly Clarity Process
  • Process #4: Necessity Escalation Process 
  • ​Process #5: Integration Win's Process

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

  • Process #1: The Motive Matrix Process ​ ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #2: Belief Hacking Process​  ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #3: Monthly Clarity Process  ($47.00 Value)
  • Process #4: Necessity Escalation Process  ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #5: Integration Win's Process  ​($47.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Habit Mastery Mini-Course​
  • ​Bonus #2: Accelerated Habit Building

($97.00 Value)

($37.00 Value)

  • ​​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group

($297.00 Value)


  • Bonus #1: Habit Mastery Mini-Course ​ ($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #2: Accelerated Habit Building​  ($37.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line  ($297.00 Value)
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group  (Priceless!)

Total Program Value:


This is highly valuable stuff!

Think about it...

If you could finally learn how to master your own motivation, learn to eliminate procrastination, become more self-disciplined & easily resist temptations, make better decisions... what would this be worth to you?

What would that be worth over the course of a WEEK? 


Or a YEAR?

What about over the course of a LIFETIME?

Probably a lot more than $1,442, right?

Clients regularly pay me much more than this to have be coach them through this & improve their motivation, discipline, habits & results!

(& they don't even get ALL of the downloadable "processes" & amazing bonuses that I'm including with this Ignition program today!)

Oh, & if the pricing for this program was done by a prestigious college or university, they'd be charging you tens of thousands of dollars for a curriculum as in-depth & effective as this one...

But, my goal is to make this information accessible to more people...

Which is why, I'm not going to be charging you $1,442 (or anywhere near that) today...

In fact, your investment if you want the Ignition motivation & self-discipline training program, won't even be a tenth of this...

Today, you can get everything listed above at a massive discount of...


If you decide to invest in yourself... in your future... in this world-class training program I've spent years research, curating & putting together for you, you get everything at a massive 93% discount...

That works out to...

Total Value: $1,442

Just $97!

That's the price of a meal at a fancy restaurant... a pair of new shoes... or a fortnight of daily Starbucks Frappuccino's...

Except here, you're getting access to a whole lot more... you're getting exactly what you need to master your motivation & transform your life!

Here's Everything That You're Getting For Only $97 Today...

 The Core 8-Module Training Program

  • Module #1: The Motivation Formula ​
  • ​Module #2: The Science Of Motive ​
  • ​Module #3: Hacking Belief
  • Module ​#4: Comparative Importance 
  • ​Module #5: Generating Vision & Clarity 
  • ​​Module #6: Cultivating Confidence ​
  • ​Module #7: Secrets Of Consciousness 
  • ​​Module #8: Self-Discipline & Action

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Module #1: The Motivation Formula  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #2: The Science Of Motive  ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #3: Hacking Belief  ($97.00 Value)
  • Module ​#4: Comparative Importance  ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #5: Generating Vision & Clarity  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #6: Cultivating Confidence  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #7: Secrets Of Consciousness  ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #8: Self-Discipline & Action  ($97.00 Value)

 Transformative Motivation "Processes"

  • Process #1: The Motive Matrix Process ​
  • ​Process #2: Belief Hacking Process​
  • ​Process #3: Monthly Clarity Process
  • Process #4: Necessity Escalation Process 
  • ​Process #5: Integration Win's Process

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

  • Process #1: The Motive Matrix Process ​ ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #2: Belief Hacking Process​  ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #3: Monthly Clarity Process  ($47.00 Value)
  • Process #4: Necessity Escalation Process  ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #5: Integration Win's Process  ​($47.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Habit Mastery Mini-Course​
  • ​Bonus #2: Accelerated Habit Building

($97.00 Value)

($37.00 Value)

  • ​​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group

($297.00 Value)


  • Bonus #1: Habit Mastery Mini-Course ​ ($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #2: Accelerated Habit Building​  ($37.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line  ($297.00 Value)
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group  (Priceless!)

Your Success Truly Is Our Top Priority!

This may sounds cliche, but it's real for me...

I've seen too many courses out that are marketed well & promise you the world... but are put together poorly & fail to deliver results...

Or, the customer is left to figure things out on their own without the accountability, community, support that makes success possible...

Which is why, at Potencia, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that the programs we put out are of the highest possible standard, & include everything you need to create the changes, transformations & results you desire in your life.

Here's how simple the process is...

Step #1: Place your order today

Step #2: Receive your login details

Step #3: Log in & begin the program

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

This means, just a few minutes from now, you could already be starting the Ignition Motivation Mastery program & getting the motivation training you need to take your results to the next level!

And then, on top of this, you also get access to the processes included, support (if you need it) from us... any questions you have will be answered... & you have a community to support you!
Your order is also...

Completely Guaranteed

Here's the *crazy* guarantee which comes with this program...

 Best Motivation & Self-Discipline Program - Guaranteed!

If after 60 days, you don't believe the content & strategies shared inside the 'Ignition' program doesn't make this the best motivation & self-discipline online training program you've ever gone through (& isn't worth at least 10X it's combined value), we'll give you a 100% refund (no questions asked). 

In essence, you have 60 days to test-drive Ignition, risk-free, and if after those 60 days, you don't see tremendous value from it, just contact us & we'll refund your order 100% - this is an extended 60 day guaranteed & applies no-questions-asked.

Lifetime Access

When you join the Ignition program, you get access for life. It's yours to keep And you can go through it - including the processes included with it - as many times as you want.

(Order once & let it serve you well for the rest of your life.)

Free Upgrades

Today, you're ordering version 2.0 of the Ignition Motivation Mastery program. When this program is updated in future, you'll receive access to this upgraded version for free 

(just as v1.0 members got access to v2.0 free of charge.)

Price Guarantee

This is the lowest price that this program has ever been offered at & it's the lowest price that this program will ever be offered for in future!

(The discount you're getting today will likely go away, or atleast be reduced in future.)

You Must Act Now

This special discount (93% off) isn't going to last forever...

In fact, this page will likely be pulled down soon & the price will be drastically increased going forward...

And so, if you want this program & you want to get it at 93% OFF, you must act now. Get in & get started before this discount expires... 
Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I look forward to hearing about the amazing results this program will bring you... 

Have an incredible day, 
Bogdan Juncewicz
PROGRAM CREATOR  |  Bogdan Juncewicz
Since making a decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, Bogdan has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people extraordinary at what they do & how anyone can create the success & happiness they desire...

Today, he's the author of multiple bestselling & internationally-distributed books (including 'Skilled Success' & Self Mastery'). He's also a content creator & keynote speaker, who has spoken on stages across 3 continents, teaching thousands & thousands of people worldwide. Including: multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

Bogdan has more than 8 years of real-world, practical regular-100-hour-work-weeks experience, researching, studying & teaching topics, such as accelerated learning, skill development, human psychology, motivation, productivity & overall personal development. And his teachings are grounded in (& backed by) years of research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology & human behavior.

A lot of his experience, specific insights & relatable examples have also come from the in-the-trenches work he does as a ‘coach,’ delivering breakthrough results for his clients. 

Over the years, he’s helped people break addictions, overcome limiting beliefs & make huge shifts in their lives in just a few coaching sessions - the same results some therapists take many, many years to get for their clients!

Most importantly, he’s the founder of an online education company, 'Potencia' which serves customers & clients across 80+ countries & 6 continents, providing world-class alternative education in the areas that school falls short. The mission of this company (& his work) is to reform the education system & elevate, improve & evolve human education - for greater achievement, happiness & freedom...

Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Coach. Voluntary High School Dropout.
What Others Say About Bogdan's Work...

''Bogdan's honest, sincere & uncomplicated manner is breath of fresh air. These strategies guided me to come up with a system that works for me.''

- Riffi Khan, TV Producer & Founder of Sunflower Productions

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- Noah Abelman, 99.90th percentile student & creator: ExamReadyTutoring

''I can promise you that Bogdan's guidance will be invaluable to helping you reach your end goal.''

- Pam Wright, Australia’s Leading Stress Expert & FasterEFT Trainer
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