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Exactly How You Can Achieve Optimal Health, Lose Weight Permanently, Live Longer & Look Better Naked

(including eye-opening information that the big pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know!)
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I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to...

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life, Heal Yourself, Raise Your Energy Levels & Feel Better Than You've Ever Felt Before...

...without extreme workouts, starving yourself on a diet & before you spend thousands on medical bills!
Decades of research show us how important our health & fitness is...

And, not just in the obvious ways, but also in many other ways too...

For example, thousands of scientific studies show us that improving your health, getting into better shape & raising your energy levels can also help you...
  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS... Feeling good about yourself, your body & being intimate is a massive part of any relationship. As your body changes your self-confidence will increase dramatically... & as your health, fitness & energy improves, so will your performance in between the sheets!
  • ​BE MORE FOCUSED & PRODUCTIVE... yes, you can drink 10 cups of coffee a day (as well as energy drinks & other stimulants), but how long is it going to be before your health takes a major hit? The only real & sustainable way to feel more energised, focused & be more productive all day long, is to improve your physical, mental & emotional health.
  • ​SAVE MONEY & AVOID BANKRUPTCY... the biggest cause of bankruptcy in America is currently medical bills. Don’t become a statistic... take care of your health before it becomes a major issue you can’t bounce back from financially, or otherwise...
  • RELAX & S​LEEP BETTER... Most people struggle to relax, as well as get a good nights sleep... when I look at each individual case, there's always an underlying factor of either poor physical or mental health. Improving ones health will help you relax, reduce stress, as well as sleep like a baby (as everyone should!)
  • ​​LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE... When was the last time someone asked you, “How are you today?”... you responded, “I feel freaking amazing!”... AND you actually meant it? At the end of the day, life is about being happy & it's extremely difficult to be truly happy if you are in poor health.
Ultimately, health & fitness isn't just about losing weight & looking good (although that's definitely a big part of it as well)... 

It also something that, whether we realise it or not, affects pretty much ALL important areas of our lives & therefore should be your #1 priority!
Despite this, the unfortunate reality is that lots of people have either...
  • ​given up on their health & fitness completely...
  • remain confused about what they should & should not be doing...
  • ​are struggling to find the time to implement what they think they already know to improve their health...
  • ​lack clarity about the real things that really make a difference...
  • ​​continue to suffer from low energy, fatigue & poor sleep (& justify to themselves that it's 'normal' to feel tired all week long!)
  • are scared & worried about their future health & fitness... and know they need to change... but don't know HOW...​
  • ​are already seeing the consequences & are living in disease...
  • ​don't see a way out of their existing health problems...
  • ​or... they are jumping from 1 extreme diet & exercise plan to the next, failing to get the consistent & sustainable results they want!
In fact, let me ask you this...

Have you ever struggled to lose weight or get into better shape?

Have you ever been confused about what you should or shouldn't be doing when it comes to your health & fitness?

Have you ever wanted to improve your health & fitness, but ended up stopping because the information you had at the time seemed too complicated, too difficult to implement, or impossible to sustain?

I Believe The Main Reason People Struggle Is Because Of All The Broken Promises...

"THIS diet will help you lose weight and improve your health..."

"NO, this one will..."

"NO, forget those diets... this supplement is the magic pill you’ve been waiting for..."

"NO, this alternate therapy is the magic bullet..."

"NO, this way of exercising will change your life forever and all your problems will go away…"

Each new person & each new company, is attempting to sell you on the "next big thing" and that alone is going to transform everything for you!

Honestly, I'm sick of it!

That's because, having been part of this industry for almost 20 years, I know this simply isn't how it works; health just doesn’t work like that.

F*ck Diets. F*ck Magic Pills. F*ck Expensive Gym Memberships.

Excuse my language, but in recent years, a lot of celebrities, as well as many experts and doctors... have only made the whole situation worse!

They may have had the right intentions, but have only ended up making the situation even worse than before...

The reality is that don't need to starve ourselves... only eat protein (or only eat fat - depending on which is the latest craze!)... workout for 2-3 hours per day... or pay out thousands of dollars... to get into great shape, be healthy & live well...

All you really need is...

The Right Information & Instruction

The right information (proven; backed by modern scientific research) has the potential to set you free from any health problems, low energy, poor fitness, extra weight, bad habits or poor results that may have plagued you in the past...

More specifically, when the 'right information' is delivered in the 'right way' (in a way that's simple, makes sense & is highly-actionable)... now, that can take you from where you are, to where you truly want to be in terms of your health, fitness, energy, sleep & everything else that comes from this...

And that's what I set out to do...

Almost 2 Decades Of Professional Experience, Packed Into 1 Book!!!

I started working in the health & fitness industry 19 years ago. 

I became a certified fitness trainer 16 years ago.

And, then my real health education started 13 years ago… when I developed such bad eczema I had open wounds all over my face and body...and would change my bed sheets every morning because they were covered in blood and puss…

My doctor offered little in the way of advice... just resorting to giving me stronger steroid tablets and creams each time I went to see him…

Little did I know doctors have very limited education in nutrition and know nothing of actually healing a disease (unless they self-educate)...they simply treat the symptom with medication…

That’s when my client gave me a book all about natural healing (of which my formal training didn’t teach me anything about)...I followed its protocol & it worked!

My eczema was gone in 6 months... which guided me to devour every book I could find on natural healing, eastern medicine, detoxification, alternative therapies, positive mindset and more…

And it's what ultimately led me to write this book...

Because, as mentioned, everything I read talked about the 1 THING that will change your life, improve your health & make you lose weight... but I've found that health does not work like that!

So, I wanted to show the world it really can be done... that everyone can be healthy & lose weight permanently if they simply had the right information & instruction that they needed...

Did You Know There Are Simple Insights, Principles, Methods & Processes That Will Put You In Control Of Your Weight, Help You Heal Your Body, Reverse Ageing, Build Muscle, Look Better & Live Longer?

Unfortunately, most people have no idea of this because the education system (as well as mainstream media) has failed to teach us about this..

...which is also why, even the most basic insights into this topic can make a massive, measurable difference to your health... let alone all of the deeper information that most people never even think about, which I'm going to reveal to you as well...

But, at this point, you may be thinking, "Where can I learn this stuff?"


The No Bullshit Guide To Optimal Health, Living Longer & Looking Better Naked!

Most people's idea of living to 100 is wasting away in a nursing home, having lost your mind & being unable to wipe your own arse. 

That's NOT what this book is about - nor is about reaching retirement only to drop dead from a sudden heart attack a year later.

What this book will do is blow apart most people's ideas of ageing & will give you everything you need to live better, healthier, slimmer, fitter & stronger - for longer.
Whatever your age, or current level of health & fitness, in this easy-to-follow (no-bullshit!) guide you'll find practical steps to...
  • Lose Weight Naturally & Permanently! - forget the days of losing weight while on a diet, only to see that weight come back... forget the constant yo-yo effect... you'll learn natural, healthy, proven, scientific ways to lose weight & keep it off with ease...
  • ​Build A Strong, Lean & Mobile Body - as a Fitness Trainer for the past 16 years, I have some tricks up my sleeve about what you can do to build functional strength, increase flexibility and get into amazing shape - I'm going to be sharing everything (I hold nothing back!) with you in this book...
  • ​Increase Energy Levels - you'll learn to naturally increase your energy levels all day long... without the need for coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants that come with their imminent crash...
  • ​Heal Yourself From Various Lifestyle Diseases - if you're already been diagnosed with a disease...I’ll show you how I healed my body from the crippling pain of eczema and what you need to do to make your symptoms go away for good...
  • ​​Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of Disease & A Life Of Poor Health - there is more diabetes, heart disease and cancer than at any other point in history even though we are in the most “modern” age of medicine. Something is seriously amiss. You'll learn how to prevent all lifestyle diseases, and dramatically reduce the risk of ever struggling with sickness, illness & disease in the future...
  • ​Improve Your Sex Life, Self-Esteem & Look Better Naked - you'll learn to seriously increase your chances of getting down ‘n’ dirty between the sheets, as well as improve your endurance (your partner will thank you for this one!) & simply look the best you ever have without your clothes on...
...and much, much more!
There isn't anything like this book out there...

You may just find it's perhaps the most complete book ever written on health... that contains easy-to-follow, simple Action Steps at the end of each chapter with clear, written guidelines on what you need to do to get into the best shape of your life…

The Action Steps are not going to cost you a small fortune or having you doing anything are small simple lifestyle changes that anyone can just gotta get them done!

It is written so anyone can understand the science backed research (of which there are almost 400 studies referenced!) without any prior training or even any prior knowledge on the subject of health at all!

It is EVERYTHING you need to know right now about how to get you into the best shape of your life and how to feel & look better than ever (or at least in recent memory if you are thinking you are already too far gone... which is likely not true & I’ll prove it!)
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In Case You're Curious, Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Learn Inside This Book...
This book contains 300+ pages, divided into 6 distinct sections...

Here's a sneak peak into some of the powerful insights, ideas & practical methods you'll learn in the sections of this book...
  • HEALTH & FITNESS LIES, DEBUNKED: In just the first few pages, I'll share with you cold, hard evidence that cut rights through a lot of "bullshit" out there about health & fitness. You'll discover the biggest lies & misconceptions you may have been fed about your health & fitness... as well as many eye-opening insights that can transform how you think about your health & fitness forever!
  • Want to finally start achieving your health & fitness goals... instead of just accumulating 'broken promises'?  START HERE... doing this 1 SIMPLE THING has been scientifically proven to improve your likelihood of following through & achieving your goals, by 42%!!!
  • ​​​How to psychologically prepare yourself for a health & fitness transformation... (doing this, in advance, will help you avoid stress, confusion & overwhelm... as well as get amazing, LASTING results!)
  • The 2 stupidly-simple changes I made, which finally enabled me to permanently overcome my excruciating eczema...
  • Nobel Prize-winning research from the 1930's that could lead to cancer being completely wiped out & could lower your risk of disease by 90-99% -- THOUSANDS of scientific studies & research papers have been conducted & written about it's effectiveness... but it goes against the best-interest of a lot of large Corporations, so Mainstream Media is unlikely to ever tell about you about this BIG HEALTH SECRET!...
  • ​​​​The science behind why counting calories is the biggest BS in the diet industry (& what you really need to be looking at when reading labels!)
  • The ​​​FOUR CHOICES you can make before you eat anything. Choosing the wrong ones could be the MAIN reason you can’t lose weight & keep it off... I'll show you how to change this & get better results!
  • T​he 1 KEY 'MINDSET' that all 'centenarians' (people who live to 100 & beyond!) share... & how you can use this 'mindset' to make better health choices & create the health & fitness you truly desire!
  • ​​​Did you know that elevated levels of STRESS have been scientifically linked with everything from depression to coronary heart disease, fears & phobias to irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, to self-destructive habits like overeating, smoking, & alcohol abuse?... well, in this 1st section, I'll show you the best methods, practices & strategies for REDUCING STRESS & improving physical & emotional wellbeing!
  • You'll also discover the simple practice that 80% of the world's highest achievers in business, sport & the entertainment industry... all do to boost clarity, focus, energy, less stress & improve their health...
  • ​​​​How to easily lower cortisol levels, so you can to lose belly fat FAST...
  • Do genes control your fate? Is disease written into DNA? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I'll share with you amazing research by a pioneer, award-winning genomic researcher (he practically discovered every gene we know of today!) who discovered that genes are NOT our fate & that anything is possible for you, IF you make the right health choices!
  • ​​​​The science behind how to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than 99%, cancer by 95% & almost every disease by more than 90% (Plus: exactly what you need to do to slow down, or even reverse, the ageing process, prevent muscle wastage & bone density problems such as osteoarthritis & osteoporosis!)
  • ​​HACKING YOUR SLEEP - How to fall asleep faster, actually stay asleep during the night, get more quality REM sleep & wake up with MORE ENERGY (even if you've slept less hours!)
  • ​​​​The 3 REAL, "ROOT CAUSES" of disease... I believe that everybody should know these.. rather than attempting to treat & mask 'symptoms' with an endless amount of harsh pharmaceutical drugs & 'quick fixes' that only ruin our health further... this is must-know information!!!
  • ​​​Learn why INFLAMMATION is linked back to more than 90% of disease & what you can do to eliminate it from your body (note: doing this will dramatically reduce your risk of disease, as well as make huge improvements to your health, vitality & your metabolism!)
  • Why trusting the government to take care of your health is a BAD idea (Including: evidence of misinformation, corruption & wrongdoing that you'll find hard to believe) -- plus, how you can TAKE BACK CONTROL of your diet, nutrition... & live better, healthier, stronger & for longer!
  • The most accurate way to test if you are in good health (& important information you need to be look for in this test, which doctors ignore!)
  • Like it or not, there are more chemicals in our food, water, air & land than ever before. That’s why it’s so important you also learn how to DETOX your body!... I’ll show you 2 cost-effective, widely-available TOOLS... 3 detoxifying SUPPLEMENTS… as well as 3 detoxifying PLANTS which you can find in your garden, or buy... that’ll all help you cleanse your body & improve your overall health!
  • 3 DETOX PROTOCOLS (varying in length of time & ease, so you can pick which one you want to apply) to detoxify your body, feel better, sleep better, lose weight easier & be healthier!
I'm Also Going To Share With You EVERYTHING You Need To Know About FoodDiet & Nutrition...
  • ​The 12 MOST IMPORTANT CHANGES you can make to your diet today which will make your body effortlessly healthier, massively increase your metabolism & give you energy all day long!
  • ​9 TOXIC INGREDIENTS you want to limit / avoid eating ASAP, which science has now proven to be more addictive than both smoking & cocaine?! (INCLUDING: how you can start making these changes even if you're skeptical & doubtful of whether change is possible for you!)
  • ​The 1 ingredient with the most health complaints in the FDA’s history -- WORSE... this ingredient is still present in over 10,000 products on the market today. I'll share what this ingredient is, how you can avoid it & a healthy ALTERNATIVE that I'm sure you'll love!
  • Another ingredient, which is still in about 40% of products available in supermarkets, even though it've already been banned for being unsafe!(How is that possible or legal? Well, manufacturers do this by changing it's name on food labels; it currently operates under 6 different names)
  • ​If a food product can sit in plastic bag for a DECADE without going bad, or even changing one bit... it's usually very BAD for your health! I'll share with you the exact brands of products that do this, so you can stay away from them & prevent them from sabotaging your wellbeing!
  • I WAS WRONG! I'm going to share with you the 3 FOODS that I was horribly wrong about in the past & suggested clients to eat more of, when you should be eating LESS!!! (I always speak & write with a certain openness & will admit when I am wrong.)
  • Why diets such as Paleo, Caveman & Keto are INCOMPLETE & often INEFFECTIVE... why they can actually lead to an increase in disease in the long run... & what you really need to do if you want to access ketones in the healthiest & least extreme way possible!
  • ​The 4 best grains you should be eating to lose weight & improve your health, while still feeling full & having a taste sensation! (PLUS: how to still eat PASTA, BREAD, RICE & POTATOES at the same time as losing weight & being full of health & vitality!)
  • There are so many 'MILK ALTERNATIVES' nowadays... but ONLY 2 of them are truly good for your health & wellbeing... without any negative side-effects or obvious downsides...
  • The ONLY 2 'OILS' you should ever consider cooking with (& why 'olive oil' isn't one of them!)
  • ​1 INGREDIENT (which doesn’t really taste like anything) that you can add to any meal to make it healthier! (note: this is great for feeding kids, because they won't even realise this ingredient was ever added!)
  • Learn what pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs, hormones & steroids are doing to your body & what you can do to avoid them... you'll learn how to eat healthy, even on the tightest of budgets!
  • How to lower a children’s risk of headaches, mood swings & poor sleep by at least 3.6 times... all by eliminating just 1 PRODUCT which is actually aimed at (& primarily marketed to) children & teenagers!
  • Exactly what to look out for in clever marketing that is angeled to be healthier in your mind but is in fact far, far worse for your health & will lead to excessive weight gain!
  • The KITCHEN APPLIANCE that was banned in the 1970s for causing cancer, but is still in almost every home in the Western world to this day (& everything you need to know to live comfortably WITHOUT it!)
  • Think you need to eat LESS to lose weight?  THINK AGAIN! I’ll show you how you can actually eat MORE (if you’d like to) & still lose weight easily & permanently!
  • ​The technique I use to save 10 hours+ per week & still eat healthy in almost every meal... leading to greater productivity, more free time, more time for loved ones & more energy to spend on things you love!
What About FITNESS? Well, I'm Also Going To Show How To Get Fit, Exercise Optimally & Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life, Including...
  • How to exercise 3x per week for just 20 minutes... anywhere, with no equipment required or gym membership required... & still see amazing results! --- gyms & Personal Trainers have been teaching us how to exercise incorrectly all this time! Stop wasting hours at the gym & thousands of dollars on Personal Trainers - just do THIS instead!
  • The "12 DO'S & DON'T OF EXERCISE" - learning these 12 rules will help you get better results, while simultaneously lowering your risk of injury (most Personal Trainers couldn’t even name half of these!)
  • The 5 forms of exercise I recommend everyone does to improve health, lose weight, increase strength, flexibility, mobility & cardiovascular fitness (PLUS: how you can easily implement them into your busy week easily... without stress... & with very little time required!)
  • ​​​1 SIMPLE EXERCISE that ANYONE can do easily - no matter your age or current fitness level - but is also highly effective! (99.9% of my clients have been able to do it & use to improve strength & mobility!)
  • How much should you be exercising each week? How much is too much? I'll show you how to perfectly BALANCE your fitness regime to stop burn out, overtraining & get the best possible results!
  • 1 piece of underrated exercise equipment... which literally fits in the palm of your hand, but holds tremendous potential... it'll help you increase your strength, mobility, flexibility & fitness DRAMATICALLY -- better than any machine at the gym!!!
  • The best time of day, place & way to go for a walk / run... to improve not only fitness, but the function of every cell in your body, as well as your mind! (NOTE: this controversial HEALTH HACK is considered to be 'unhealthy', but is actually one of the best things you can do for your body & will dramatically increase your absorption of one of the most underrated vitamins you need for health, fitness & vitality!)
  • Worried about INJURY? ​I'll also share with you the methods, as well as the types of equipment I've successfully used with clients for years to prevent them from getting injured... as well as help those who are injured bounce back & eliminate problems like knee, back & hip pain!
  • Why repetitive movement exercise, such as running, swimming & cycling will NEVER help you lose weight permanently (especially around the midsection!)... but why you should still keep doing them (if you love doing it!) & why you should stop (if you hate it!) ... & what to do instead for FASTER, BETTER & EASIER results!
You'll Also Learn Other Life-Changing 'ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES' From Other Incredible Experts (Who Also Wrote Small Chapters For This Book!)
1. Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley (Dental Health)
Charlotte is the best dentist I’ve ever had! Knowledgeable way beyond just dealing with your teeth - which is what 'Holistic Dentistry' all about. People often don’t realise how bad dental hygiene can affect every system in your body. Dr Charlotte breaks it down perfectly in her section. You'll discover...
  • 1 HEALTH HACK that'll stop you needing to get up to pee in the night... which'll also lower your risk of any dental problems & lower dental bills!
  • Practical ideas & steps for finding a great dentist (one who uses the correct protocols for the safe removal of amalgam!)
  • Do you snore, or know someone who does? Dr. Charlotte will share with you perhaps the single best way to stop snoring & treat sleep apnoea!
2. Jane Barber (Gut Health)
Jane is an expert of the digestive system & walks you step-by-step through how to heal your gut naturally, in great detail. You'll learn...
  • As Hippocrates once said - which science now proves - "All disease starts in the gut"You'll learn the 13 INDICATORS that your gut health may not be where it should be... (note: learning these indicators & acting on them EARLY can save you from developing life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, in the future!)
  • 15 THINGS that are very bad for your gut health & how you can easily begin to limit / avoid them... which will lead to better digestion, more energy & clearer skin!
  • How to take care of your gut health & cleanse your colon properly (again, doing this can be one of the best things you ever do for your health!)
  • ​2 key supplements to aid digestion & repair the gut (I’ve used both myself, as well as with clients, with amazing success!)
3. Dr Darren Little (Chiropractic Care)
Darren is an Award Winning Chiropractor who speaks all around the world. He shows the benefits of chiropractic care & talks about his style which avoids the large manipulations which sometimes scare people away from this amazing therapy. Darren will show you...
  • How to best reduce stress on the nervous system, which can cause huge health issues in the future!
  • How to effectively treat back, neck, hip & shoulder pain without the needs for drugs or surgery!
4. Dr Hanh Tran (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine)
Hanh is an amazingly knowledgeable woman who has studied both Western & Eastern Medicine. Working as a yoga teacher & pharmacist when I first met her, I knew she would be the perfect person to introduce us to alternative therapies such as Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine years later. You'll learn...
  • How to treat the body as a 'whole' (holistically) rather than turning to pharmaceutical drugs which only treat 'symptoms'.
  • Powerful, THOUSAND-YEAR-OLD, natural treatments for all kinds of disease (note: if a natural treatment has been successfully used for thousands of years, it generally means it works!)
5. May Estrada (Massage Therapy)
May is a highly trained Massage Therapist & shares the benefits of massage & message therapy for health, as well as emotional wellbeing! You'll learn...
  • The best way to stay relaxed, pain-free, injury-free & mobile... as well as increase circulation & lymphatic drainage (feeding every cell in your body with more oxygen & nutrients is a surefire way to stay healthy & disease free, for longer!)
  • Different types of massage & how each would benefit you physically, as well as mentally & emotionally!
6. Reiki Master Mariesa Matire (Energy Healing)
Mariesa is a wonderfully-intuitive healer who astonishes those she meets with what she can tell about them, without even needing to have a conversation with that person! Open your mind & let Mariesa show you how to connect with your body, mind & soul, including...
  • Is ‘modern’ medicine missing out by neglecting 'energy' & the energy centres of our body - our chakras? (note: since EVERYTHING is made up of energy - including YOU - learning some basic ways you can work with this energy can create truly remarkable & tangible transformations!)
  • What is Reiki?... & some basic, introductory ways that you can use this amazing method to improve your health, energy & emotional wellbeing!
7. Tom Dennis (Recovery Without Pharmaceuticals)
Tom managed to naturally heal cancer naturally without drugs or surgery in his 20’s. He’s now in his 60’s & takes NO prescription drugs & doctors continue to marvel at his amazing health. You'll learn...
  • Exactly how he managed to cure himself of cancer without any drugs or surgery in his 20's (including, ideas & methods you can apply into your own life to reverse disease & improve your health as well!)
  • 3 anti-viral natural medicines that are available to anyone in the world, which'll help you boost your immune system, reduce risk & stay virus & disease-free! (this is must-know information, especially in current times!)
LASTLY: This Book Isn't Just About Food & Exercise; It's Designed To Be The Most Complete, Holistic Guide To Health You'll Ever Read... Which Is Why Inside You'll Also Learn Things Like:
  • ​Exactly what you can do upon waking, as part of your morning routine, to get your mind & body into a healthy, energised state IMMEDIATELY.
  • SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - the science behind our subconscious mind & what we can do to HACK it to create not just the health & fitness you want in your life, but also the success & happiness you desire as well!
  • ​​​WHY the formal education system & mainstream media have let us down & the lessons we need to be happier, healthier & smarter!
  • The BEST places to meet like-minded positive people (who might become friends for life!) who are on their own health journey & will be a massive support for you on yours too!
  • ​​​How any women can lower risk of breast cancer by anywhere from 60-99% with just 1 SIMPLE lifestyle change!
  • ​​​The 8 TOXIC INGREDIENTS found in certain cosmetic products that have the average woman absorbing more than 500 chemicals into their bloodstream on a daily basis... as well as how to effectively read labels to easily avoid these toxic ingredients... to, improve the look of your skin, hair & look younger over time!!!
  • ​​​And gentlemen… I’m going to share with you how you can increase your sperm count & lower risk of testicular cancer dramatically!! 
  • ​1 BIG MISTAKE that doctors regularly make, which led my father to not discover cancer in his armpit for 6 months more than necessary (that had spread by then)... & what you can do to prevent this from ever happening to you (with ANY disease!)
  • 2 Herbal Remedies which completely eliminated cysts in my girlfriend’s breasts in less than 1 month (NOTE: doctors originally wanted to perform surgery on this!)
  • ​​How to lower your risk of mortality by 56% with 1 easy-to-implement lifestyle change (anyone can do this today & it costs absolutely nothing!)
  • ​Scared of the radiation that comes from electronic devices & the impact this can have on your health & wellbeing?  I’m going to share with you 10 AMAZING WAYS you can block / reduce your exposure to this radiation!
  • Do you have (or are planning to have) kids? If so, you definitely want to know about this 1 BIG THING that can drastically improve cognitive stimulation, behaviour, a heightened understanding of others, immunity to disease, as well as lower anxiety levels in children!
  • HAVE PETS? Yes, I even briefly cover pet health in this book... including the 5 THINGS that are causing our pets to develop lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes & heart disease (that rarely happen in nature unless we humans have messed with the natural habitat) which also appear in our food that you need to avoid for your pet’s & families health.
  • 3 SIMPLE CHANGES to your bed & bedroom that will improve your sleep... PLUS: 1 simple thing anyone can do (for free) which will reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, confusion... reduce risk of diabetes & cardiovascular... as well as lower cortisol production AND improve cognitive functions - including creative thinking!
  • Want more free time to focus on the things that really matter to you in your life? I'll share with ​my #​​1 HACK for avoiding time wasting activities & making time for your priorities (INCLUDING: how I made time to write this 300+ page book, even while working 14-hour days on cruise ships!)
  • 2 simple (& very quick) tricks that you can do each morning (plus, 1 simple thing to do before bed) to instantly improve your mood, on your way to having an incredible energised, productive & joyous day!
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"Ok, Tom, then why are you doing this?... If this book really is as great as you tell me it is, why are you just giving it away for free - instead of charging me for it?"

Well, there are a few reasons actually...

1. It’s my way of saying a big thank you to all the people who have supported me on my epic journey teaching health & fitness around the world.

2. I believe this is information everyone should know, it’s something we should have learned in school & in the mainstream media, but the system fails us. I want to teach the world what health truly is and what you can do to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible... essentially, it's part of my mission & what I want my legacy to be that I leave behind...

3. I can see censorship happening on an ever increasing scale on the Internet, with alternative health information (alternative crazily meaning health through good nutrition and without drugs and surgery!) being taken down me getting a physical copy of this controversial book into the hands of as many people as possible will fight against this... while online ebooks may be hit hardest...

4. I believe that if I can get this hugely valuable & unique product of mine (this value-packed book!) into your hands... you are far more likely to read it, engage with my work & perhaps even choose to work with me again in the future... creating a win/win for everyone…

I'm giving you this book, but I strongly urge you to...

(Don't Play Games With Your Health)

A lot of people (especially when it comes to their health) get into the bad habit of 'waiting', 'delaying' & 'postponing'... until things get really, really bad for them!

I say... WHY WAIT?

Prioritize your health & get the information you need about your health, fitness & vitality ASAP!

Don't delay. Don't miss out. Get your copy of this book TODAY.

If you do, your book order is completely guaranteed...

The ''Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain" Guarantee

Here's the bonkers guarantee that comes with this book:

''If you get this new book, Lazy F*cks Don’t Live To 100, & you don't believe it's worth at least 10X (yes, 10 TIMES!) it's retail price of $24.95, we're going to refund your shipping amount 100% & let you keep the book as well - just as a thank you for trusting me & testing it out!''

(Don’t be an A**hole though, at least give it to someone else who might get better use out of it!)

I'm literally taking all the risk of you & putting it all on me (& this book) to deliver BIG for you!. 

This is an extended 60-day guarantee & applies - no questions asked.
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Retail Price: $24.95
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Retail Price: $24.95, 
Special Offer: FREE*
*You Just Cover The Shipping
Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I'm excited to hear about the amazing health & fitness growth & improvement this book will bring you!

Talk soon,
Tom Broadwell
  MEET THE AUTHOR  |  Tom Broadwell
Tom has been in the Health & Fitness industry for 19 years, working closely with hundreds of clients one-on-one as a Personal Trainer in three different countries and teaching thousands of people in Health Seminars all around the world.

Since developing severe eczema at the age of 22, Tom has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people sick & how anyone can heal their body naturally without turning to drugs and surgery.

Having read hundred of books on improving health and developing a positive mental attitude, and thousands of medical & research papers on the subjects of natural healing, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, alternative healing and many other subjects he has helped thousands of people improve their health & lose weight all around the world.

Today he is the founder and content creator of The Health & Fitness Tribe which is an online membership website where people can access short, fun workout videos, healthy recipes, the latest health tips and much more.
P.S. If you're one of those people, who just skips to the bottom of the page first, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you a 300+ page book, "Lazy F*cks Don't Live To 100" (that retails at $24.95) for FREE.

Yes, this book is free, and all you pay is $7.95 (or $12.95 international) to cover the shipping of the book to you.

PLUS: if for any reason you don't absolutely love the book - I'll even refund your shipping amount (& you don't even have to ship anything back; you can keep it!)

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I want to rush you a FREE copy of my eye-opening new book "Lazy F*cks Don't Live To 100" to your doorstep!!!
As previously mentioned, you get the book for FREE. I already paid for the book, all I ask is you help me cover the shipping & handling cost & we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world! 

(If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, it's available for a small fee on the next page...)
*Free Book means you don't pay for the actual book. We bought the paperback for you - you just pay a small shipping amount to get the book.
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The author and publisher disclaim all such representations and warranties, including for example warranties of merchantability and healthcare for a particular purpose. In addition, the author and publisher do not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this book is accurate, complete or current. The statements made about products and services have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Please consult with your own physician or healthcare specialist regarding the suggestions and recommendations made in this book. 

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What the heck do I know about teaching, publishing and sharing a message?
  • I'm the author of Skilled Success (this 200 page book was written in 6 days)
  • ​I'm the author of 6 Day Publish​​​​​​ (this 201 page book was written in just 4.5 days)  
  • ​I'm an international speaker & over the last 5 years I have been privileged to teach thousands and thousands of people all around the world (including in Australia, the UK, India, Singapore, etc) powerful business and life strategies. 
  • ​I'm the founder and CEO of 2 digital businesses 
  • ​My digital ads reach over a million people every year (with all due respect, this sounds more impressive than it actually is... not easy, but not too difficult to achieve)  
  •  I'm the creator and host of a online show called The Accelerated Achievement Show
  •  I've been personally mentored by the founder and CEO of the world's #1 Experiential Business Training Company
  •  I have over 4 years of experience in content creation and digital strategy (yes, I started when I was about 13)
  •  I'm the creator of TimeHack... an advanced training program on productivity, optimisation and time maximization.
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