Brand New Course Eliminates All The Guesswork & Reveals A Practical, Highly-Methodical, Step-By-Step Process That You Can Use To Finally...

"Find Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose & Create Meaningful Work That You Love"

(So You Can Actually Wake Up Excited To Go To Work... As Well As Earn More, Help A Lot More People & Live That Lifestyle You've Always Dreamed Off!)
From: Bogdan Juncewicz
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
"What are we doing here?"

"What is this life all about?"

"There's got to be more than this, right?"

If you've ever found yourself wishing that your work, career or life was (at least a little bit) different than it is now, please read this letter very carefully...

In fact, if that's you... this may just be some of the most important messages that you ever come across (& no, I don't say that lightly!)

Listen up...

We have all been given a great gift...

And that's the gift of time...

Every night, the clock strikes midnight & we all receive a brand new 24 hours...

Of course, we're going to spend 6 - 8 of those hours asleep — there's not much we can do about this part, that's just the way it is...

Which leaves about 16 - 18 "waking hours" each & every day...

The next, biggest chunk is your work & career...

We spend 8+ hours a day — or, 40 - 60 hours a week — at work...

That's a lot of time!

In fact, if you exclude sleep, this chunk takes up about 40% - 50% of all our "waking hours" in any given week...

Or put another way...

If You Hate What You Do For A Living, That Means You Hate 40% - 50% Of Your Life!

That's no way to live!

But, unfortunately, this is actually the norm...

And if this is you — if you dislike, don't enjoy, consider boring, or outright hate what you do for work, or the career you have — you're actually in the majority...

Statistics show that (shockingly) more than 50% of all people dislike their work!

Which again — considering the fact, as human beings, we spend approximately 90,000 hours over the course of our entire lifetime at work — means that most people hate the majority of their time alive :-(

Again, that's no way to live!


There Is A Better Way!

Everywhere you look, you see the same message...

"Find your passion"
"Discover your purpose"
"Do what that you love"
"Find work that fulfills you"

This is a great message...

Waking up actually excited to do the work you're about to do (& having a career you genuinely find fulfilling) is better than dreading going to work...

Losing track of time as you passionately do work you find engaging is much better than watching the clock tick ever closer to 5pm when you finally leave this "hell-hole" called "the office"...

Enjoying both your week AND as the weekend is, unquestionably, better than hating most of your week, only waiting until the weekend to enjoy your life...

And having a passion & purpose in life so strong that you don't really even want to "retire" from it is much better than hating what you spend 90,000+ hours doing... only waiting for "retirement" so that you can finally enjoy your life when you have only a fraction of the health, energy, or desire you have now...

All things considered, the approach of passion, purpose & meaningful work is a much (MUCH!) better one!

For all the reasons mentioned above, as well as all the other reasons & benefits that scientific research is showing that come from this...

Benefits such as...



A lot of people struggle with motivation... they procrastinate... they delay... they put things off for "tomorrow", because they don't "feel like it." And while there are many things you can do to improve your motivation, perhaps the best thing is to find work that you actually enjoy. If you do that, motivation becomes easy & automatic.


Another challenge a lot of my customers & clients face is distraction, as well as lack of focus & concentration. Again, there are many ways to improve this, but passion is a big part of the mix here too. If you're actually passionate about what you're doing, it becomes much easier to avoid distraction, be focused & make rapid progress on your goals.


Studies also show that when we're going what we enjoy, feel good & are working on what we find intrinsically interesting to us, we are naturally more creative! You will have more creative, more original ideas... as well as come up with more creative solutions!


When you're doing work that you're passionate about, not only does your focus improve, but overall productivity goes up too. You start a lot working 'smarter', making better decisions & ultimately, you start producing 2X, 3X (even 5X better) results, in less time!
In other words, as the research proves, when you're passionate about what you do, motivation becomes easy, you start avoiding distractions, you stay focused automatically, your creativity shoots up & overall productivity is multiplied...

In turn, helping you be more, do more & achieve more, faster than ever before... 

More specifically, all of this — more motivation, focus, creativity, productivity —makes all of the following goals a lot, lot easier to achieve too...


If you have passion & purpose, you tend to work harder + smarter... You're also a lot more charismatic (as you actually believe in what you do, rather than peddling b*llshit that you don't care about!)... all of which makes earning more money, a lot easier than before!


We are a social species. We have an in-built desire to care & to help whenever we can. Based on this, there's nothing better than making money, doing what you love, while simultaneously helping a lot of people (the trifecta!) - of course, this start with passion & purpose.


A big part of meaningful work is also freedom & flexibility — being able to work when you want, as well as where you want (e.g. I'm writing this message to you while while on month-long trip to Costa Rica, surrounded by wildlife!)


It's a lot harder to be happy when you hate what you spend 40% - 50% of all of your waking hours (or 90,000+ hours over a lifetime) doing! When you do what you love, you become happier; better work AND life satisfaction!
^ Those are the benefits of passion, purpose & meaningful work...

But, just knowing this is not enough...

"I Already Know That I Need To Find My Passion & Purpose... But HOW Do I Actually Do This?!"

Everybody is sharing that your life will be a lot more joyous with passion, purpose & meaningful work that you love (it's basically a cliche at this point!)...

Yet, despite this, almost nobody is talking about the HOW....

"What exactly can you do to find your purpose?" for example...

"How precisely do you go about discovering your purpose?"...

"What specific steps can you take to create meaningful & fulifilling work that you actually enjoy?"..

And no, when I say "how", I do not just mean "do a whole bunch of stuff & see what you like"...

I mean how precisely, specifically, practically?

What do you do first?

What do you do second?

Step... by... step?

If someone were to offer that — a very practical, highly-methodical, step-by-step process for passion, purpose & meaningful life you love — that would be a real game-changer, right?

Well, That's Exactly What I Have Decided To Do...

Hey, my name's Bogdan...

And if you have not come across my work, read any of my bestselling books or experienced any of my top-rated training programs before, I wanted to quickly introduce myself here & share how I can support you, starting right now...
See, the whole trajectory of my life changed when I was 13 years old...

It's because, at age 13, I made what what I, to this day, consider to be "the best decision of my life"...

The decision was to voluntarily drop out of high school...

I made this decision (together with my parents) because I already started to feel how broken the traditional education system is...

Including, the fact that it kills our curiosity & creativity (as Einstein wrote: "it's a miracle that curiosity survives formal education")...

As well as the fact that it's a system that (almost robotically!) forces people down the same, select "career paths"...

It's a system that may offer good advice on how to prepare a resume, a CV or prepare for a a job interview... but provides little-to-no help on how to find your passion, discovering your real purpose & creating meaningful work that you love!

Now, while I may have decided to dropped out, age 13, the most important part is what came next...

After dropping out, I proceeded to spend the 8, 9, 10 hours that other kids were spending in school educating myself on the topics that I considered to be more important & the education system fails to teach us...

Over the next few years, I read more than 500+ books, attended hundreds of events & learned from a number of highly-successful mentors...

I've also dove deep into the fascinating research that had been conducted in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, neurobiology, performance psychology, sociology & more...

For fun, I also meticulously researched, studied & deconstructed the mindset, the habits & the daily practices of the world's highest achievers — from Olympic athletes, to CEO's, billionaire business owners, wealthy investors, extraordinary scientists, wise philosophers, world leaders & most influential historical figures...

Of course, the more I learned, the more I implemented into my own life...

I become my own "guinea pig", rigorously experimenting & testing everything I could get my hands on, to optimize my own performance, productivity & results... before, eventually, starting to sharing what I had learned with my first clients!

Fast Forward To Today...

Today, I'm the author of multiple bestselling books, including Skilled Success & Self Mastery (which have been ordered from & delivered to 80+ countries!)

I'm an internationally-recognized speaker & coach, having spoken on stages & platforms (live, in person, as well as online) to individuals all around the world.

And, perhaps most importantly, I am the founder of "Potencia" — an online education platform that I founded as part of my mission to change education & to transform people's lives all around the world...

Our mission here at Potencia is to deliver world-class products & programs on the topics that the traditional education system, unfortunately, falls shorts...

And to date, we've already helped tens of thousands of customers & clients from more than 85 countries around the world, to improve their work & their life (& we are only just getting started!)

I share this because Potencia (& the work that I do as part of it)... while having a massive positive impact, helping people globally to achieve optimal health, better relationships, extraordinary success... is also my personal "passion"...

It's my own "life's purpose" which I discovered & cultivated over time...

It's what makes me genuinely excited to wake & go to "work" Monday morning...

It's also what fuels my life & lifestyle...

For example, travel is another passion of mine...

And, so far, I've had the great privilege of travelling to more than 25+ countries around the world & lived in 4 of them (so far!)

I know this would not have been possible if I hadn't found my passion, discovered my purpose, as well as build in flexibility (time & location freedom) into my work!

Now, let's talk about you...

How Can YOU Find Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose & Create Meaningful Work That You Love?

Well, this is what I want to help you do, starting right now...

See, one of the topics that's been an ongoing part of my research for 9+ years has been exactly this... "how do people find their passion & purpose?"

This is also something I have been studying (even more obsessively than before!) over the past 12 - 18 months... 


Because I kept coming to the same realization:

Everything truly is underpinned by passion.

Sure, the world's highest achievers are highly skilled & those skills enable them to earn lots of money, gain recognition for the world... but what made that skill possible in the first place? Passion.

High achievers are also highly focused & productive. But what makes this possible to begin with? Passion.

No passion, no motivation.
No passion, no focus.
No passion, no productivity.
No passion, no creativity.

Passion, purpose & meaningful work really is the foundation; it's what underpins everything else...

Which means (& this the best part!) when you finally get this get this part right... everything else in your life is improved, enhanced & multiplied as well!

Based on this, I've been working hard to bring you the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information, approach & practical strategies...

And that's what I've done & how I can best serve you, starting right now...



Find Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose & Create Meaningful Work You Love!

Inside the Passion Code course, you'll learn eye-opening ideas, insights & frameworks that'll change how you think about your work, your success, as well as you happiness in life forever...

You'll also learn highly-practical strategies, step-by-step exercises & game-changing processes you can use to find your passion, discover your purpose & create meaningful work that you love!
Here's Precisely What You'll Learn Inside Each Part Of This Course:


In part 1, you’ll learn the truth about passion — including the myths, misconceptions as well as outright lies about the topics of passion & purpose, which derail most people on their quest to find, discover, cultivate passion & purpose in their life!

From there — after removing the limitations & limiting beliefs about passion — you'll learn precisely how to think about (& approach) this topic, in the most effective way!

Pulling from decades of scientific & psychological research (including, fascinating insights about the brain & how it works!) in this first part of this course, we "decode" passion & put you on the fast-track to finally finding your passion & purpose in life!

What you’ll learn inside:

  • Want more motivation? Deeper focus? Better results? Start with PASSION... you'll learn why "passion" is arguable the #1 fuel for greatness, the secret to extraordinary achievement, as well as how it (positively) affects everything in your life from your concentration levels, to your motivation, to your happiness & emotional wellbeing!
  • ​​​The "5 big myths & misconceptions" we've been told about passion... (plus: how to overcome each of them, approach this topic the right away, to ultimately create the meaningful work that you actually look forward to doing!)
  • Why trying to "find your passion" is paradoxically the WRONG starting point for 90%+ of people in the world today... AND the "missing 1st step" you must have in place FIRST... to then be able to "find your passion", with much greater ease!
  • ​​​The 4 ways that we, as human beings, form "judgements" in life... (including: how to this framework to avoid making most wrong decisions & to properly evaluate every new opportunity you stumble across!)
  • ​​​The counter-intuitive "4 word advice" that'll change how you go about finding passion, purpose & creating meaningful work forever...
  • ​​​"THE PASSION-SKILL LOOP" — you'll learn precisely how your passion & your skill are interconnected... AND the "backwards approach" to develop, amplifying & sustaining deep passion & love for what you do over the long-term.
  • ​​​​INTRINSIC vs EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION - You'll learn how both intrinsic motivators as well as extrinsic ones (e.g. money, fame, recognition, wanting to prove yourself) affect your passion, your motivation, as well as your happiness over time (based on decades of scientific & psychological research studies!)
  • ​​​The 4 biggest obstacles that stand in your way of finding the passion & discovering your true purpose in life... (PLUS: how to overcome each & every one of them, step-by-step, to create the work & life you truly want!)

Training Video

You will get access to a high quality training video (MP4) that'll guide you through part 1 of this training course.

Audio Files

As well as the video training, you also get the audio files (which you can download & listen to anywhere, anytime)

Slides + Exercises

You will also be able to download the slides (PDF) - for quick & easy reference - as well as all the exercises.

Course Workbook

Lastly, you get the course workbook which you can use to take notes, refer back to & boost implementation.
Which leads us to...


After learning how to think about passion & purpose in a new (far more intentional, strategic & effective!) way in part #1 of the course, we turn to practicality...

In part #2, you'll learn the 3 phases that you must go through — as well as the "13 passion strategies" that you can begin to implement, almost immediately — to start moving towards the passion, purpose & meaningful work you desire & deserve! 

What you’ll learn inside:

  • 5 "Idea Generation Strategies" — you'll learn how to take your past experiences, all of your existing knowledge, skills, abilities & use them to generate a flood of new options for what you should really be doing in your life...
  • ​​​You'll also learn (based on proven psychological principles) the specific places where you are MOST LIKELY to find your passion & purpose (note: learning this can save you hundreds / thousands of hours — as well as a lot of stress & frustration — from looking in the wrong places, making wrong turns & going through this the process blind.)
  • REVEALED: how the human brain (& emotion) really works... AND how to use these understandings to set yourself up for success personally & professionally (including: what is perhaps the #1 "hack" I could ever offer for finding your passion & purpose!)
  • ​​​The #1 place which most people never seem to look... but is arguably the best place for uncovering your passion, purpose & creating meaningful work you love!
  • ​​​3 "Experience Escalation Strategies"... that you can then use to put your options to the test, weeding out the bad ones & only spending your time on the best ones (note: this is how you go about discovering your purpose strategically, rather than blindly!)
  • ​​​How the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" applies to finding your passion (including: 2 times when you should NEVER, EVER make big decisions about your career or your life!)
  • ​​​​The 5 additional "Strategic Reflection Strategies"... you can use to amplify passion, generate clarity, review your progress (optimally) AND make far more intentional, strategic & effective decisions going forward.
  • ​​​The #1 strangest & most counter-intuitive success habit of top CEO's of Fortune 500 companies? (note: not only will this help you to uncover your purpose, but will also boost your productivity, elevate your creativity & boost your learning as well!)
  • ​A simple practice to help you to "raise your consciousness" & to come up with creative solutions, solve problems & achieve things you previously may have struggled to... (as routinely used by high achievers all around the world!)

Training Video

You will get access to a high quality training video (MP4) that'll guide you through part 1 of this training course.

Audio Files

As well as the video training, you also get the audio files (which you can download & listen to anywhere, anytime)

Slides + Exercises

You will also be able to download the slides (PDF) - for quick & easy reference - as well as all the exercises.

Course Workbook

Lastly, you get the course workbook which you can use to take notes, refer back to & boost implementation.
And finally, you have...


In part #3, you'll learn how to turn your "passion" into "purpose" & further, into meaningful work (as well as meaningful life!) that you love.

You'll learn the proven, research-backed, scientifically-validated principles & keys that make up meaningful & fulfilling work, as well as how to practically apply these ideas into your life right away!

What you’ll learn inside:

  • The "Match Quality" Framework — if you're ever wondered what the secret to extraordinary levels of success & achievement is, look no further, as this (the "match quality" framework) is perhaps the best answer that we have to this question!
  • ​​​The 4 components of "match quality" explained — you'll learn the 4 components that make up "match quality" are AND how to develop each of them to, not only find your purpose & start enjoying your work, but also create the extraordinary new levels of success, achievement & abundance in your life.!
  • "The Income Code" — you'll also discover the only 3 factors that affect how much you will earn (including: eye-opening insights you can use to turn your passion into a career that also pays you & rewards you incredibly well!)
  • ​​​Does money buy happiness? Research shows that it does, but only up until a certain amount... after that point, intrinsic factors matter a lot more. You'll learn how to apply these insights to create more success, happiness, meaning & fulfillment in your life!
  • ​​​"Self-Determination Theory" — You'll also learn what is perhaps the best answer that we have to what creates truly meaningful & fulfilling work that you love!
  • ​​​You'll also learn the #1 thing that you can start to do right now to create more freedom & more flexibility in your work (note: when you apply this, you'll be able to work from anywhere you want, at any time you want, giving you both time & location freedom.)
  • ​​​​How to create more IMPACT with your work & actually change people's lives for the better (a.k.a. how to get paid to do what you love with simultaneously helping people in a big way - a win-win-win situation!)
  • ​​​Why "specialization" & "focusing on just 1 thing" is sometimes bad advice... AND the "2 phases of match quality" that'll help you to make smarter, more deliberate, decisions in both your work & life!
  • ​SUMMARY & IMPLEMENTATION — how to implement everything you learn in this training course, to find your passion, discover your purpose, create meaningful work, as well as create the success & happiness that you truly desire & deserve in your life!

Training Video

You will get access to a high quality training video (MP4) that'll guide you through part 1 of this training course.

Audio Files

As well as the video training, you also get the audio files (which you can download & listen to anywhere, anytime)

Slides + Exercises

You will also be able to download the slides (PDF) - for quick & easy reference - as well as all the exercises.

Course Workbook

Lastly, you get the course workbook which you can use to take notes, refer back to & boost implementation.
 But, That's Not All...
You're *Also* Getting Access To A Number Of Very Special Bonuses...

Plug N' Play Worksheets

Based on proven psychological principles, you get access to an entire collection of specific (highly practical & actionable!) "plug n' play worksheets" — which you can download & fill out, to generate ideas, uncover new insights & move towards the meaningful work & life you want!

Bonus Value: $47.00

Monthly Clarity Process

The Monthly Clarity Process is a transformative, 3-step visualisation & goal-setting process that'll help you generate a strong sense of clarity & vision for your life (even if you feel stuck or lost or confused right now.)

Plus, it'll also help you to connect emotionally with your goals in a way that you've probably never done before... in turn, sparking a powerful & lasting source of motivation & drive that'll propel you towards ultimate success!

Bonus Value: $47.00

360° Journal

One of the most valuable habits one can build is the habit journalling.

Throughout history, journalling was a habit that so many of the world's highest-achieving individuals used, including: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Mark Twain & Marcus Aurelius & many others!

The problem: when we journal on the SAME questions or prompts every day (like most journals encourage) our brain starts to disengage. Variety is the key here.

That's why I've curated 180 of the most powerful, most thought-provoking, journal questions & packaged them into this new kind of journal!

Bonus Value: $27.00

Goal-Setting. ReImagined.

Modern goal setting is broken / incomplete! 

In this special bonus training, you will learn how to set goals the right way.

You'll also learn how to break down big goals into specific targets, as well as small, manageable steps that you can take immediate action on — to avoid procrastination & accelerate your progress!

Finally, you'll learn how to set clear goals & make rapid progress in all the important areas of your life, from your health & fitness, to your relationships, your personal life & more (not just your work!)

Bonus Value: $97.00

Facebook Community

Sometimes, personal growth & self-discovery can feel like a lonely journey! 

This will not be the case with the Passion Code training course... 

Not only do you get access to me, but you also get access to a community of members also going through this course at the same time as well!

You get access to a Facebook Community Group, where you can also ask questions, engage with others & share your progress!

Bonus Value: Priceless!

In Summary, Here's Everything 
That You're Getting Today...

 Core Course Curriculum

  • Part #1: Passion. Decoded.
  • ​Part #2: 13 Passion Strategies
  • ​Part #3: Meaningful Work

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Part #1: Passion. Decoded. ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Part #2: 13 Passion Strategies ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Part #3: Meaningful Work ($97.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • ​Bonus #1: Plug N' Play Worksheets
  • ​Bonus #2: Monthly Clarity Process
  • ​Bonus #3: 360° Journal
  • Bonus #4: "Goal-Setting. Re-Imagined."
  • Bonus #5: Facebook Community Group

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($27.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)


  • #1: Plug N' Play Worksheets ($47.00 Value)
  • ​#2: Monthly Clarity Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​​#3: 360 Journal ($27.00 Value)
  • #4: "Goal-Setting. Re-Imagined." ($47.00 Value)
  • #5: Facebook Community Group (Priceless)

Combined Value:


This is highly valuable stuff!

Think about it...

If you could finally find your passion, discover your purpose & create meaningful work that only pays you well, but you actually find meaningful & fulfilling... 

...what would that be worth to you?

(what about over the course of a lifetime!)

Probably a lot more than $509, right?

Once again, clients have paid me much, much more than this to have be coach them through this material & help them in this way...

Oh, & if the pricing for this course was done by a prestigious college or university, they'd be charging you tens of thousands of dollars for a curriculum as in-depth & effective as this one...

But, my goal now is to make this (life-changing) information accessible to as many people as possible...

Which is why, I'm not going to be charging you $509 (or anywhere near that) today...

In fact, your investment if you want the Passion Code course, won't even be a tenth of this...

Today, you can get everything listed above at a massive discount of...


If you decide to invest in yourself... in your future... in this training course, you get everything at a massive 93% discount...

Total Value: $509

Just $27!

...that's about the price of a few Starbucks Frappuccino's, or a lunch at mid-priced restaurant...

Except here, you're getting access to a whole lot more... you're getting what you need to finally find your passion, discover your purpose & create meaningful work that you love!

Here's Everything That You're Getting For Just $27 Today...

 Core Course Curriculum

  • Part #1: Passion. Decoded.
  • ​Part #2: 13 Passion Strategies
  • ​Part #3: Meaningful Work

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Part #1: Passion. Decoded. ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Part #2: 13 Passion Strategies ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Part #3: Meaningful Work ($97.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • #1: Plug N' Play Worksheets ($47.00 Value)
  • ​#2: Monthly Clarity Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​​#3: 360 Journal ($27.00 Value)
  • #4: "Goal-Setting. Re-Imagined." ($47.00 Value)
  • #5: Facebook Community Group (Priceless)
  • ​Bonus #1: Plug N' Play Worksheets
  • ​Bonus #2: Monthly Clarity Process
  • ​Bonus #3: 360° Journal
  • Bonus #4: "Goal-Setting. Re-Imagined."
  • Bonus #5: Facebook Community Group

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($27.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)


Your Success Truly Is Our Top Priority!

This may sounds cliche, but it's real for me...

I've seen too many courses out that are marketed well & promise you the world... but are put together poorly & fail to deliver results...

Or, the customer is left to figure things out on their own without the accountability, community, support that makes success possible...

Which is why, at Potencia, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that the products, programs & courses we put out are of the highest possible standard, & include everything you need to create the changes, transformations & results you desire in your life.

Here's how simple the process is...

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If you get this new "Passion Code" training course & you don't consider it one of the best trainings on this topic you've ever come across, we'll refund your order 100% & let you keep the course + all the bonuses as well -- just as a thank you for trusting me & testing it out!'

In essence, you have 60 days to test-drive Passion Code, risk-free, and if after those 60 days, you don't see tremendous value from it, just contact us & we'll refund your order 100% - this is an extended 60 day guaranteed & applies no-questions-asked.

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Have an incredible day, 
Bogdan Juncewicz
COURSE CREATOR  |  Bogdan Juncewicz
Since making a decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, Bogdan has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people extraordinary at what they do & how anyone can create the success & happiness they desire...

Today, he's the author of multiple bestselling & internationally-distributed books (including 'Skilled Success' & Self Mastery'). He's also a content creator & keynote speaker, who has spoken on stages across 3 continents, teaching thousands & thousands of people worldwide. Including: multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

Bogdan has more than 9 years of real-world, practical regular-100-hour-work-weeks experience, researching, studying & teaching topics, such as accelerated learning, skill development, human psychology, motivation, productivity & overall personal development. And his teachings are grounded in (& backed by) years of research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology & human behavior.

A lot of his experience, specific insights & relatable examples have also come from the in-the-trenches work he does as a ‘coach,’ delivering breakthrough results for his clients. 

Over the years, he’s helped people break addictions, overcome limiting beliefs & make huge shifts in their lives in just a few coaching sessions - the same results some therapists take many, many years to get for their clients!

Most importantly, he’s the founder of an online education company, 'Potencia' which serves customers & clients across 80+ countries & 6 continents, providing world-class alternative education in the areas that school falls short. The mission of this company (& his work) is to reform the education system & elevate, improve & evolve human education - for greater achievement, happiness & freedom...

Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Coach. Voluntary High School Dropout.
What Others Say About Bogdan's Work...

''Bogdan's honest, sincere & uncomplicated manner is breath of fresh air. These strategies guided me to come up with a system that works for me.''

- Riffi Khan, TV Producer & Founder of Sunflower Productions

''Bogdan's knowledge combined with this fantastic ability to explain everything simply... will leave anyone achieving their greatness.''

- Noah Abelman, 99.90th percentile student & creator: ExamReadyTutoring

''I can promise you that Bogdan's guidance will be invaluable to helping you reach your end goal.''

- Pam Wright, Australia’s Leading Stress Expert & FasterEFT Trainer
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