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Brand New: A LIVE + ON-DEMAND, 3-PART Workshop by HEIKO & SELINA
Create More Health, Love & Abundance In Your Life...
...By Deleting & Releasing The Old Programs, Beliefs, Fears, Past Pain & Limitations That Are Sabotaging Your Freedom, Confidence & Happiness!
A LIVE + ON DEMAND, 3-PART Releasing Workshop
--  Saturday, 18th July, 25th July & 1st August  --
An important message from leading Releasing experts, HEIKO & SELINA NIEDERMEYER...
Have you ever set goals & started taking action, but ended up stopping, procrastinating, or sabotaging yourself... and ultimately, NOT achieving the results that you wanted?

Or, have you ever wanted to make some change in your life, but you ended up returning back to the same old behaviors, bad habits, negative thoughts & feelings you wanted to avoid?

Have you invested in personal growth courses, manifestation courses, read self-help books that promise success and a great life but you find yourself in the same rut, struggling and wondering why nothing seems any different?

Or perhaps, as you look back over your life, can you see certain issues, challenges & painful experiences which keep showing up, over & over again?

There is a reason for this!

From our vast experience, we see that it is most likely because you have certain conscious and subconscious blocks within your mind that stop you from moving forward or manifesting the fulfilling life that you so much wish for!

Your mind is powerful.

These sabotaging blocks are embedded and operating 24/7 in your subconscious mind which never goes to sleep even when your conscious mind is asleep at night.

But, what are these seemingly indestructible blocks exactly?

They are negative programs, limiting beliefs, unresolved issues, emotional pain of the past & mental limitations, which you've never taken the time to clear out & Release.

You empty the trash in your house daily, don’t you? 

Well, have you considered that you may be carrying years of mental and emotional “trash” inside you, without clearing it out?

If your computer had a computer virus, you would probably search for and delete any corrupted files or programs, in order to ensure that your computer functions properly... have you ever considered that we need to do the same for our INNER HEART DRIVE?

If not, you're not alone... 

Since we were never taught HOW to clear out, Release & resolve negative thoughts, emotional issues, stress, pain, regret & self-sabotage, naturally, we don't do it. 

You would probably do it... you just didn’t know HOW!

What we want to do is to show you the Delete button that is naturally built into your inner heart drive!

We want to support you to Delete and clear these inner corrupted programs and viruses with us ON THE SPOT so that you are operating at OPTIMUM efficiency and quality, with your original unique template that you were born with and beyond.

Let’s Delete/Release the root causes that are embedded in our subconscious mind which push us to repeat seemingly irrational & self-sabotaging behaviors & act in ways that prevent us from living out a happy, healthy & abundant life we are capable of - & let's do it TOGETHER!

Once we do take the time to effectively clear out & Release, healing can occur. Your personal power grows & you can awaken to your unlimited capacity and potential and be truly Free.

So, HOW exactly can someone do this? 

How can someone clear out & Release the beliefs, pain & programs hidden deep within to gain more freedom, confidence, love & happiness in life?
The Lindwall Releasing Process
We've been intensely involved in the personal development, spirituality & healing space for more than 25 years.

And one of the most powerful techniques we've ever come across is Lindwall Releasing (or, Releasing for short)...
We first learned this powerful & transformative healing process more than 25 years ago from the original creators, Dr E.E. Isa Lindwall and his wife, Ruth Yolanda Lindwall. Dr Lindwall discovered that the Releasing process is the KEY to...

- Healing your life, 
- Coming into Alignment with yourself and for 
- Empowering yourself at your Core level.
We were so astonished by the power of this process that we decided to learn everything we could from them.

Since then, we've spent our life helping people uncover the 'root causes' that are holding them back and to Release them. Over the past 20+ years, we have been working with thousands of individuals from around the world, freeing their hearts and minds from pain and suffering and giving them new purpose, clarity and personal power in their lives."
What Others Say About Us (& The Power Of The Releasing Process)
"Successfully built & sold a multi-million dollar"
I have done more than 20 releasing sessions over the last 15 years. Today, I am married to my ideal man, have an incredible 2-yr old daughter and successfully built and sold a multi-million dollar, award-winning business, all which I give some credit to Selina and Heiko for helping me overcome the various challenges along my path. Their releasing sessions influenced my decision-making, cleared up perceptions that were clouding my reality, opened up possibilities I never saw before, broke patterns I never knew existed and sped up the process of reaching my goals.
- Karen Tok, Scientec Consulting Pte Ltd, CEO, Asia
"A very powerful tool to help me on a daily basis."
Heiko and Selina's work has helped me get a very powerful tool to help me on a daily basis. I use their method daily and it helps me to support others more profoundly and to do my work even MORE EFFECTIVELY. I highly recommend business people and people in all walks of life to experience Heiko and Selina's work for their personal breakthroughs.
- DC Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You®
"I closed the biggest sale in the last 8 years."
I closed the biggest sale in the last 8 years just 5 days after the releasing workshop. This sale is also the biggest sale that I've closed so far in my life. In my opinion, the price I paid to attend this releasing workshop was very small compared to the money I made 5 days later. Luck? Coincidence? I think not. I thank Heiko & Selina for bringing emotional & financial stability into my life.
-  Robert Ram
"I became even more focused on developing the future of my businesses and personal relationships."
I found that I became even more focused on developing the future of my businesses and personal relationships instead of hanging on to the mistakes of the past. I highly recommend my employees and all business owners to have regular sessions with Heiko and Selina.
-  Wendy Kwek, Co-founder & CEO, Executive Directions Pte Ltd
"The benefits are immeasurable."
I was a little skeptical at first about the Power of Releasing. I didn't believe that it could be as simple as saying "I release…" whatever it is I needed to release at that moment in time. Until I saw with my very own eyes how Selina supported a graduate to release some tension at break time!

The benefits I've gained from the Power of Releasing is immeasurable. I'm moved to share this because of the possibilities that could open up everyone. My own parents have gone for a session with Heiko and Selina, and I'm especially overjoyed because it has taken me so long to create this possibility for the people whom I hold dear to my heart… today my dad is whistling a happy tune which he had not done in years.
-  Jacy Wee, Marketing Executive
"Schizophrenia Healed."
My mum had schizophrenia before she married my dad and was admitted to hospital occasionally when her condition was out of control.

During the retreat [with Heiko & Selina], I discovered that we could also release for others if their souls were willing to have the healing. So in my final session there, Selina and I tracked the root reasons for my mother’s schizophrenia and I released for her in that very profound and intense session. The miracle healing happened!

My parents came and stayed with me for 3 weeks after the retreat. I noticed my mum was more happy and cheerful during her stay in KL. Her health condition also improved a lot. She did not complain of leg pains during our family outing to the zoo. She asked me to bring her to a shopping mall which has never happened in the past and wanted to buy new clothes, make-up and shoes. She wanted to look beautiful and was always thinking of how to match her outfits. She can now really shop for a few hours and I am the one that needs more rest than her!

All these had never happened in the past 10 years before the Releasing Retreat! I feel so lucky I attended the retreat! Thank you Heiko and Selina!
-  Chong Meei Huey
"Feel recharged and unburdened of self-limiting beliefs and programs."
I've been to many retreats and workshops over the last three 3 - and this last one at Magick River [with Heiko & Selina] undoubtedly stands out as absolutely crucial to my ongoing spiritual education. 

Was it life-changing? You bet! Just to bask in such a resonant field of non-judgmental awareness and unconditional love is like a vacation from artifice and affectation. At the very least, those who attend a Releasing Workshop facilitated by Heiko and Selina will feel recharged and unburdened of self-limiting beliefs and programs.
-  Antares
"I feel great and lighter in every way."
I could release in one session what would take maybe 5-10 sessions in other therapies as usually much more painful emotional issues surface to be resolved and cleared! I feel great and lighter in every way and I know some old patterns have left me for good!
-  Katharina Bless
"I moved on with my life and to fully forgave my partner unconditionally."
As a result of the workshop, I gained the confidence to move on with my life and to fully forgive my partner unconditionally. As a result, we remained the best of friends with my partner even though we decided to move our separate ways. Releasing enabled me to accept that a significant chapter of my life had closed and a new chapter was beginning. Releasing gave me the power to move on with confidence and to conduct my life with dignity and hope, giving and seeking happiness along the way. It helped me to banish fear and depression.
-  Harold Tan, Lecturer, National University of Singapore
"Married the love of my life."
I met the love of my life, got engaged in April 2009, got married in December 2009, we moved into a new house and I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! All of that happened so quickly, effortlessly and with blessing from all our families and friends. Thank you so much! I could not have done it without releasing [with Heiko & Selina] on that fateful day
-  Shamsiah Samsudin, CEO, co-founder, Lovebake & Solely Yours SG
As you can see, truly incredible things are possible when we take the time to finally Release the old programs, beliefs, fears, emotional pain & limitations that are sabotaging our freedom, confidence & happiness...
Here's What The Releasing Process Can Do For You:
  • help you REALISE and UNDERSTAND how you create the patterns of your life that limit you from achieving your life goals
  • ​FREE yourself from the fears that are stopping you
  • ​HEAL emotional pain and live a more joyous life
  • ​INCREASE your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • ​INSTANTLY CLEAR your mind and soul of subconscious beliefs, programming and trauma contained in your DNA, to help you thrive.
  • ​OPEN AND LIVE your fullest potential.
How YOU Can Experience The Power Of The Releasing Process From The Comfort (& Safety) Of Your Own Home!
Over the past 20 years, we've worked mainly with individuals, couples & groups, either through 1-to-1 Releasing sessions (in-person or through Skype), at our Releasing retreats or at big conferences & events...
Now you have the option of not having to fly to us with all the costs of travel and program fees like many individuals have done from all over the world. 

Based on hundreds of requests we've received over the years, we sat down & created a more scalable and affordable way for people to work with us & experience the power of the Releasing process that we do...

For those who are ready to unleash your next level of living life to the fullest, we’ve put together a Global Releasing Webinar Series.

This includes 3 live, online Releasing sessions with us which you can experience from the comfort & safety of your own home, anywhere in the word... as well as a number of amazing bonuses...

Now we can bring our work to more people & help more people heal & empower themselves to live a more confident & abundant life (& do so at a small fraction of the usual price anyone would need to invest).
Here's What's Included With This 'Global Releasing Webinar Series'...
LIVE SESSION #1: Overcoming The Fear of Failure
Date & Time: Saturday, 18th July 2020 at 10AM (EST time)
Have you ever felt paralysed and/or depressed by the fear of failure?

Most of us have been crippled by the fear of failure at different points in our lives. And even more so in these very challenging and uncertain times worldwide. 

It might have started early on in our childhood – the fear of failing school exams, fear of not meeting others’ expectations, which might lead to the anxiety of not getting the jobs we desire as well as trust issues in relationships and obstacles in other areas of our life.

When we feel we are unable to move on from this fear to pursue our dreams – be it a brilliant career or a meaningful life, the inner flame of our being starts to fade… And eventually, we become a mere shadow of our true amazing selves, filled with the frustration of unfulfilled dreams.

Now, how wonderful would it feel to be free of this fear? Whether your job or career was lost due to quarantines and lockdowns and you’re wondering what’s next or your current job is on the line or you feel lost in uncertainties, it’s time to start gaining confidence and control as you step forward to take charge of pursuing what your heart desires!
In 'How to Overcome The Fear of Failure', Heiko and Selina will work with you ON THE SPOT to precisely Release and clear some of these fears so that you can move forward with a renewed sense of freedom, inspiration, confidence and personal power. They will Release with you:
  • The conscious and subconscious fears that you have been holding and suppressing 
  • Specific and general root causes of the fear of failure
  • Inherited family and ancestral sabotaging programs to not succeed.
  • ​Reprogram your subconscious mind to move forward with courage and confidence
  • ​​...and much more!
 What You're Getting: 
1 - A 2 hour Live Releasing Session with Heiko & Selina
2 - A special 30-min Q&A section after the 2 hours of Releasing.
3 - Access to a community group + assignment for the upcoming week (based on the contents of this first Releasing session in the series)
LIVE SESSION #2: Achieving Harmony in Love & Relationships
Date & Time: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 10AM (EST time)
Would you like to be in a loving relationship or to rekindle your current relationship? 

Have the fires of love and passion died or faded so that you are no longer living together as lovers but simply co-existing in a cordial platonic relationship? Or are you in a constant battle for power and control? Life would be so fulfilling if we could have a loving and supportive partner at our side who is our best friend and lover. In most cases, it started out that way but almost imperceptibly transformed into an icy or fiery battle ground.

In this current time of quarantines and lockdowns, many people are finding relationships the toughest challenge. Being in close quarters for weeks or months without respite with spouses, partners, children and parents can be the biggest stress factor. Unresolved hurts of the past can surface to be triggered into angry words or even violence in many households.
In 'Achieving Harmony in Love & Relationships', you get the rare opportunity to really Release and clear the big blocks of deep and hidden programs around your love life and close relationships so that your journey in love can be so much smoother than it has been and you can fall in love again.

You have the chance to greatly benefit from Heiko and Selina’s combined 46 years of experience of Releasing with thousands of people from all over the world.

They have found that there are many subconscious sabotaging programs, decisions, and buried emotions that are preventing you from having the love life that you’ve been wishing for!

You will be effectively Releasing on the different categories of painful blocks and programming stemming from:
  • The early sources of conflict between Man and Woman.
  • Limiting and destructive decisions made in relationships.
  • Programming from your parents’ marriage that are subconsciously creating a difficult partnership for yourself.
  • Self-esteem issues that stop you from attracting a partner that cherishes you or which are creating a partnership in which you are disrespected.
  • ​Suppressed and painful emotions from past relationships.
  • ​The negative effects in your body from fighting with your partner
  • ​...and much more!
 What You're Getting: 
1 - A 2 hour Live Releasing Session on the topic of love & relationships.
2 - A special 30 min Q&A section after the 2 hours of Releasing.
3 - Access to a community group + assignment for the upcoming week (based on the contents of this second Releasing session)
LIVE SESSION #3: Stepping Into your Personal Power
Date & Time: Saturday, 1st August 2020 at 10AM (EST time)
Have you felt powerless recently? 

Have you felt that you have no control over what is going on in the world right now as you watch businesses go bust and people struggling and worried for their future survival? 

Do you feel rather lost, not knowing what the future holds and fearing that you might lose all that you have worked for? 

That you have no power or control to make your dreams come true? 

Do you suffer constantly from lower back pain?

Personal power is a state of Being that is clear, firmly in Integrity to one’s personal core values and having the ability and the capacity to take action in manifesting and achieving one’s goals in life. Being in a state of Personal Power is charismatic and magnetic, attracting opportunities, good friends and relationships, support and spiritual growth. 
In 'Stepping into your Personal Power' you'll Release and clear the big blocks of deep and hidden programs around your personal power so that your journey in life can be so much more effective and powerful than it has been! Reclaim the power and control over your own life, ready and inspired to handle whatever Life brings to your plate!

Heiko and Selina will Release with you:
  • Subconscious sabotaging programs.
  • Beliefs about yourself that suppress your power.
  • Root causes of chronic or recurring lower back pain that are linked to your power.
  • Destructive subconscious decisions to give your power away that you have made in the past that you forgot to un-make.
  • ​Buried emotions that are preventing you from having the life that you’ve been wishing for.
  • ​Ancestral root causes contained in your DNA.
  • ​Imbalances on Power due to your past karma.
 What You're Getting: 
1 - A 2 hour Live Releasing Session on the topic of personal power.
2 - A special 30 min Q&A section, where you can ask any questions about any of the 3 webinar trainings in the series.
3 - Access to a community group where you can share your experience, ask questions & get ongoing support to help you live an abundant life.
BONUS #1: On-Demand Access To The Webinar Recordings
All 3 of the webinars will also be recorded & you'll receive digital & downloadable access to them, so you can watch ON-DEMAND.
This way, even if you can't attend the 3 training LIVE (for whatever reason) you can still sign up today & get access after the sessions are recorded & edited.
BONUS #2: Introduction To Releasing Video (instant access)
The second bonus you'll also be receiving (instantly after you sign up) is an 'Introduction to Releasing' video, in which you'll learn...
  • What Is Releasing & how does it work?
  • ​The history of Releasing & how it can be used ​
  • ​How your subconscious mind works 
  • ​What issues and limitations can be Released in your life
  • ​What are the benefits you can experience with Releasing 
  • ​How quickly you can change the negative programs in your life and mind 
  • ​Why Releasing is such an exciting and useful tool for self-development and transformation
This introductory video will give you the basics you need + will help you prepare for the workshop series in the best way!
BONUS #3: Powerful Releasing Statements for 7 Key Areas of Your Life - Digital Ebook (instant access)
Inside this ebook, you'll find more than 90 amazing Releasing Statements that you can start using immediately to help you with your...
  • Emotional Well Being 
  • ​Love and Wisdom 
  • ​Communication 
  • ​Physical Health 
  • ​Self Confidence 
  • ​Sexual Energy 
  • ​Personal Power 
  • ​Foundation and Security in Life
This ebook hasn't been released before - the only way to get it right now is as a free bonus with the 'Global Releasing Webinar Series'.
In Summary, Here's What's Included:
Firstly, you're getting access to 3 LIVE webinar Releasing sessions.

And these are not about "theory". They are practical & transformative sessions, where you're actually be going through the Releasing process for various critical areas of your life. And you'll come out of this webinar training series with not just new information, but actual transformation that you've experienced. This webinar series isn't about learning; it's about DOING, EXPERIENCING & TRANSFORMING.

These 3 training series will take place on the following dates:
1) Saturday, 18th July 2020 at 10AM (EST time - check time zones below)
2) Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 10AM (EST time - check time zones below)
3) Saturday, 1st August 2020 at 10AM (EST time-check timezones below)
Time in California (PDT): 07:00
Time in Pheonix (MST): 07:00
Time in Denver (MDT): 08:00
Time in Chicago (CDT): 09:00
Time in New York (EDT): 10:00
Time in London (GMT+1): 15:00
Time in Europe (GMT+2): 16:00
Time in South Africa: 16:00
Time in Singapore: 22:00
Time in NSW, Australia: 24:00
But, don't worry if these dates / time don't work with your schedule as...
You'll Also Get Digital Access To The Workshop Session Recordings
This way, even if you can't attend LIVE, you can still sign up & get all of the value of this special workshop series we've put together for you.

Plus, you're also getting a number of amazing bonuses, including an introduction to Releasing video training, Releasing Statements ebook & access to the community & ongoing support.

On top of everything else, your registration is also backed by a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. This means, you can attend all 3 sessions and afterwards, decide whether it was worth it - else contact us & get a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

Best part: as part of this special launch, you can access & reserve your spot on the 'Global Releasing Webinar Series' for just one small payment of...
Only $97!
Reserve your spot & join us on this transformational journey now...
Who Is This 'Global Releasing Webinar Series' For?...
Due to the deep psychological & emotional impact of the Releasing process & this webinar series, we've found that almost everybody can gain a huge amount from it.

However, this webinar series will be most impactful for people who are:
  • Experiencing anxiety and distress of the big unknown 
  • ​​Feeling like the whole world is falling apart ​
  • ​Having conflicts which are destroying your relationships with loved ones
  • ​​Dealing with misfortunes in your life or career
  • ​Looking for a proven and precise way to clear your mental blocks and emotional baggage 
  • ​Eager to have mastery of your emotions, thoughts and actions
This 3-part webinar series we’ve put together for YOU will help you finally address and resolve the emotions and root causes of the beliefs and programming hidden within yourself that are holding you back in life.

And so, if you feel that there is inner baggage that you'd like to finally clear out to create more FREEDOM, CONFIDENCE, LOVE and ABUNDANCE in your life, then this webinar series is for you.
Join Us Today.
This is an ONLINE webinar series, so, there are no restrictions as to how many people we can have sign up & join us live / watch the recordings...

...however, since there is a very clear deadline for you to register, which is the 18th July. So, make sure you sign up before that date...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
And so, if you want to Release your old programs, beliefs, fears, regrets & limitations, as well as take control of your emotions, your healing & your life, then don't miss your chance & join us today... 
Thanks for taking the time to read this page and we hope to see you during this 3-part Releasing workshop.

Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer
Now's The Time To Release  Old Programming, Negative Thoughts, Emotional Issues & Mental Limitations...
...& Step Into Your Power.
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