Ready To Level Up Your Productivity, Performance & Results?

Discover Precisely How To Eradicate Distraction, Create Laser-Like Focus On Demand, Multiply Your Productivity, Manage Your Time Optimally & Achieve 2X, 3X (Even 5X) More, In Less Time!

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In A World In Which Your Attention Is Under Attack, Focus Is Scattered, Distraction Is A Constant & Overwhelm Feels All Too Common... How Do You Take Back Control Of Your Time, Focus & Attention, To Achieve Your Goals, Faster?

In A World In Which Your Attention Is Under Attack, Focus Is Scattered, Distraction Is A Constant & Overwhelm Feels All Too Common...

How Do You Take Back Control Of Your Time, Focus & Attention, To Achieve Your Goals, Faster?

We live in very interesting times...

On one side, there is more opportunity, more access to information, more education & better technology than at any other time in history...

Yet, at the same time, it can all feel like a bit too much sometimes...

From the news & the mainstream media... 

To your smartphone, with it's endless pings & buzzes... 

To big tech & social media companies preying for your attention... 

To all of those pesky notifications, as well as ads, emails & promotions...

Everywhere we look, sometimes is looking to steal away our attention!
In short, the world around us has gotten wickedly good at distracting us, at stealing away our attention, robbing us of our focus & in general, just wasting our precious & valuable time...

In turn, making it harder & harder for you to focus on the things which really matter, to be highly-productive, to manage your time optimally & to achieve what you truly desire & deserve in your life, including...

...the health, fitness, energy & vitality that you want...

...the meaningful friendships, relationships, deep connection, intimacy & love that you crave...

...the money, finances & wealth that you work so hard to create... well as the freedom, lifestyle & happiness that you deserve!
^ That's the bad news...

Good News: It Does Not Have To Be That way, Going Forward!

You do not have to live your life feeling endlessly distracted...

You do not have to feel scattered, confused & overwhelmed...

You do not need to struggle to be productive, get stuff done, to achieve your goals & to create incredible success in your life...

Change is not only possible...

It's much simpler than you think (as I'll show you in just a moment)
Hey, my name's Bogdan...

And after spending the past 9 years of my life researching the fields of performance psychology, neuroscience & human behavior... desperately searching for answers for how I could maximize my own productivity, perform at a higher level & achieve my own life goals...

As well as studying the mindset, habits & daily practices of the world's highest achieving individuals (across countless fields, from business to sport, from investing to acting, to science, to music, to art - you name it!)... figuring out what separates them from the everybody else...

Before, rigorously testing every single productivity tip, trick, hack that I could find in my own life (being my own personal "guinea pig")...

What I learned, studied & tested, in every definition of the words...

"Changed My Life"

When I put the insights, proven methodologies, practical strategies & productivity processes into practice in my own life... 

It enabled me to eradicate distraction, create laser-like focus & get more done in few hours than I was previously able to get done all day...

(or more done in 1 or 2 days than others can get done all week!)

It gave me back control of my time, focus & attention... accelerating my progress, multiplying my output & radically improving my results...

Helping me to write & publish multiple bestselling books (which, to date, have been ordered from & delivered to 85+ countries worldwide!)

Including, writing one of those bestselling books (200+ pages), from complete stratch, in just 4.5 days!

It also helped me to turn my passion into a 6-figure online education business which serves thousands of customers & members globally...

Now, my goal is to help you...

I'm Going To Coach You, Step-By-Step, To Multiply Your Productivity, Progress & Results (& Achieve 2X, 3X, Even 5X More - Faster & Easier Than You May Even Consider Possible Right Now!)

After spending years researching, studying & then applying that which I learned into my own life... 

Eventually, I started passing along what I discovered about these topics to my 1-to-1 coaching clients (who had paid me thousands & thousands of dollars for personalized 1-to-1 coaching & consulting.)

(to date, I've worked with, helped & coached people from many, many walks of life... including multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, sales people, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.)

However, There Was Still A Problem...

For a long time, the only way that people (such as yourself) could get their hands on this information - as well as these methods, life-changing strategies, practical productivity processes & more) - was by becoming a paying coaching client of mine!

Naturally, I started receiving a lot of messages & emails from people...

People were requesting some other (more affordable!) ways that they could get their hands on this... WITHOUT needing to pay thousands & thousands of dollars for 1-to-1 coaching with me right away!

Based on this... I finally sat down & started putting together what I now believe to be the single most powerful & complete online program on the topics of productivity & time management, available anywhere...
-- Introducing --

TIME HACK Productivity Mastery Program

Time Hack is a complete productivity & time management program...

It contains 8 modules, and 20+ hours of world-class training, which decodes, deconstructs & demystifies productivity & time management.
This program contains cutting-edge insights, big ideas, transformative frameworks, practical strategies, tools & unique processes to help you:
  • Tap Into Extreme Productivity! - you'll learn the psychological methods you need to tap into extraordinary levels of productivity!
  • Tune Into Laser-Like Focus - you'll learn how to think about focus in a whole new way, so that you can tune into laser-like focus, flow & elevated performance, on demand!
  • Easily Remove Distractions - you'll learn the ideas & methods you need to change your subconscious response to distractions in your life... so removing & avoiding them becomes a piece of cake.
  • ​​Plan & Prioritize Like A Pro - you'll learn eye-opening planning methodologies that'll help you better manage your time, prioritize your tasks & plan out your days, weeks & months like a total pro!
  • ​​​Move Projects Forward & Supercharge Progress  - you'll learn to adopt new productivity habits that'll enable you to get more done in 1 hour than others get done all week... as well as complete important, needle-moving projects quickly & progress your results up to 5x faster!
  • ​​Master Your Time & Achieve More, Faster - ultimately, what this program will help you do is completely transform your relationship with time, so that greater productivity, rapid progress & achieving extraordinary results becomes almost like second nature to you!
...and much, much more...
Time Hack is unlike any other productivity or time management course, training or program out there...

It's going to train you to think about your productivity, your time, focus & attention in a whole new way (just like the world's highest achievers)...

It's going to guide you on precisely what to do (and, in what order!) to remove distraction, level up your focus & supercharge your productivity!

And ultimately, it's going to support you to achieve 2X, 3X (even 5X!) better results... in less time... across all the important areas of your life!

If You're Curious, Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In This 8-Module, World-Class Training Program:


Transending 'Busyness'

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The ‘constant distraction’ & ‘information overload’ epidemics explained… & the 1ST CRITICAL STEP you must take to transcend the distracted world we live in & start the journey toward greater productivity in your life...
  • ​​It’s possible to be MORE productive while simultaneously being LESS stressed & overwhelmed - but not if you hold onto to this 1 SELF-SABOTAGING BELIEF...
  • ​​​Why “productivity” is NOT just about ruthlessly-optimizing efficiency... sucking all the joy out of an activity & replacing it with robot-like efficiency… RATHER, productivity STARTS with ‘’lifestyle design’’ & builds from there...
  • ‘BUSYNESS’ vs ‘PRODUCTIVITY’ - You may have heard this comparison before, but what you’ll get here is not just an explanation but rather a list of practical steps you can take to move from ‘busyness’ to actual, bottom-line 'productivity.' (NOTE: this program is built upon the belief that one of the worst feelings in the world is feeling like you’re working hard - doing a LOT - but not feeling like you're actually progressing!)
  • ​​​The 1 thing that acts like oxygen for productivity - it’s near-impossible to be ‘consciously productive’ without THIS… (PLUS: after sharing this one thing with you, I’ll walk you through exactly how it links to productivity & how to practically apply it!)
  • ​​​Why ‘’WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY?’’ is a terrible question that sets you up for poor productivity... (& the real question you should be asking yourself FIRST!)
  • ​​​Why the emergence of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, smartphones, etc, is NOT the real problem for the productivity challenges so many people face today… (PLUS: what the real problem REALLY is… and how we can overcome the ‘information overload’ to be productive NO MATTER WHAT!!!)
  • ​​​The “2 PILLARS OF PRODUCTIVITY” framework -- this is a must-learn as this is where all productivity starts! (NOTE: once you understand these '2 pillars' you'll know exactly how you, starting tomorrow, set yourself up for more productivity!
  • ​​​​Discover the ‘BUSYNESS-PRODUCTIVITY SCALE’... a powerful productivity assessment tool you can use to identify which projects/activities are a ‘waste of your time’ & which ones are truly valuable, meaningful & productive…
  • ​​​SELF-AWARENESS EXERCISE: The 1st module wraps up with a 6-part assessment exercise for you to do that’ll help you gain real-life, right-in-your-face, data about how you’re currently spending your time & what you can do improve in order to start being more productive RIGHT AWAY!
Value: $97.00

Mastering Order & Chaos

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The #1 reason why we’re not as productive & successful as we’d like to be… & how changing your relationship with ‘chaos’ & ‘order’ will elevate your productivity & success levels in ways you wouldn’t even expect right now!!
  • ​Practical tips for overcoming fear, embracing change & seizing amazing opportunities for productivity & success when they come along in your life...
  • ​​​Why we should all get better at saying “NO’’ (to distractions, interruptions, requests on our time, etc)... the 3 BIG REASONS we tend to struggle with this... & practical steps for improving at this to free up more time for high-value tasks!
  • SETTING GOAL IS NOT ENOUGH! There are actually 3 PARTS (as you’ll learn) to developing true “clarity” you can actually move forward with! (NOTE: Most people do step #2, but forget about step #1 & the critical step #3…)
  • ​​​“PRODUCTIVE INPUTS & OUTPUTS” - this 1 framework is one of the biggest secrets to my productivity & will forever change how you look at your goals, your ambitions & how you manage your time!!!
  • ​​​CASE STUDY: MY ‘’PRODUCTIVE INPUTS & OUTPUTS’’ - I’m going to peel back the curtain & share with you EXACTLY how I spend my time, what I prioritize & how I’m able to put out so much great work out into the work so quickly… (I also share how you can “copy-and-paste” some of this into your life to be more productive at whatever you do!)
  • ​​​What the great Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, spends the majority of his days on & how to apply this into your life… (NOTE: after learned & applied this into my life, it’s been game-changer for me!)
  • ​​​SHOCKING NEWS! - Studies show that the average CEO today spends just 22 minutes per day on their most important, highest-value work activities & similar inefficiencies are showing up across all lines of work! I’m going to show you how can get this number up in your life (so that you’re spend the majority of your time focused on your highest value priorities - both professionally & in your personal life!)
  • ​​​The 1 mathematical realization that will, almost immediately, make you more resilient, persistent & driven in the face of the failure or struggle…
  • ​​​​The massive LIE (which I refer to as the ‘’perfect excuse’’) that holds us back from the success we want... & how you can break this limitation once & for all!
  • ​​MOZART, THOMAS EDISON, PICASSO, EINSTEIN, J.K. ROWLING - All of this incredibly prolific & productive individuals ALL have not 1, but 2 BIG things in common... (IMPORTANT: the key to being more prolific, productive & successful is in exploring these 2 ‘commonalities’ - as we’ll do in this module!)
  • ​​“QUANTITY” vs “QUALITY” - Too often we assume that the key is to focus on ‘quality’ alone. But, this is NOT the case. As you’ll learn, ‘’quantity’’ & ‘’quality’’ are actually closely-linked & there’s a specific way in which you need to apply these 2 components together to produce, create & achieve what you want!
Value: $97.00

360 Degree Productivity System

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • Why random, sporadic bursts of motivation & concentration are NOT enough… & why the key to consistently doing the right things is implementing a “system” to help you...
  • THE "360 DEGREE PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM" EXPLAINED… (you’re not only going the learn the 8 “processes” that come together to form this high-performance system… but you’ll also learn the behind-the-scenes of WHY each part of this system was created in that specific way…) - I’ve never shared this before with anyone!
  • The secret to building flexibility & fluidity into your plans so you can easily adapt in the face of change or new circumstances (INCLUDING: the ‘’3 LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT’’ framework that will make understanding & implementing this much easier!)
  • ​​​PROACTIVE PLANNING & FORWARD-THINKING - Why ‘’winging it’’ will often only get you to a certain height of achievement... & the critical mindset shift we must make in order to get to that higher level of performance, productivity & accomplishment in our lives!
  • ​​​The "FREQUENCY TRACKING" framework - Most people only stop a few times a year (New Years, their birthday, times of crisis, etc) to assess their progress, reflect & make conscious improvements in their life... however, for elevated levels of success, we should be actively looking to increase our ‘frequency’ of self-reflection (this is a proven, research-backed, strategy that I’ll often use with clients to help them achieve a desired result at a massively accelerated speed!)
  • ​​​A 1-page ‘’WEEKLY PREP’’ worksheet that will help you mentally & emotionally prepare yourself for the week ahead! (INCLUDING: 4 POWERFUL QUESTIONS you can reflect on to get in a peak state of mind at the beginning of each week!)
  • ​​​The 1-page “WEEKLY REVIEW” worksheet that will help you constructively assess each past week (INCLUDING: the 3 “BOOSTER EXERCISES” that will help you boost your self-confidence, self-awareness & learning levels dramatically - in just 10 mins per week!)
  • ​​​The 2 dangerous pitfall's you MUST avoid when planning out big projects...
  • ​​​Practical tips on how to break down big, seemingly-overwhelming projects (that often lead to ‘procrastination’) into a PLAN OF ACTION that’s actionable for you… (PLUS: the 1-page downloadable “project planning” worksheet!)
Value: $97.00

6-Part, 1-Pg Productivity Plan

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • How to effectively & consistently ''construct'' productive & meaningful days by following 6 SPECIFIC STEPS in your daily planning... (+ a 1-page downloadable worksheet so you can easily implement this process into your daily life!)
  • ​Why waking up & getting straight into ‘’REACTION’’ mode (email, messages, social media, demands from the environment, etc) is NO LONGER an effective approach in today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world... (PLUS: how to practically adopt a “PROACTIVENESS-FIRST’’ approach so you can get more done each morning than others get done all day!)
  • ​​​Psychological research shows we have naturally-elevated levels of willpower, focus & decision-making capacity during the first 2 - 4 hours each day --- I’ll show you exactly how you can take fully advantage of this in your own life...
  • ‘’TO-DO LISTS’’ vs ‘’OUTCOME-DRIVEN BLOCKS’’ - one of these approaches sets you up for major inefficiency... while the other enables you to get MORE done in LESS time (while simultaneously reducing your overwhelm & stress!)...
  • ​​​Our brain is NOT designed to store ideas & reminders in short-term memory all day long! In fact, doing so is another thing that contributes to the overwhelm so many people feel each & every day! - INSTEAD: I’ll show you how to setup & manage a ‘’CAPTURE PROCESS’’ that keeps track of all of these things, make sure things don’t “slip through the cracks” & frees up your mind to focus on the activity at hand!
  • ​​​Proven keys you can implement to set you a new / optimize your existing “morning routine’’ to empower you & prepares you physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually for the day ahead... (NOTE: this will not only make you more productive, but will radically improve your quality of life as well!)
  • ​​​What do Marcus Aurelius, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain & George Lucas have in common? They ALL used 1 SPECIFIC STRATEGY to better reflect on situations, introspect, gain clarity & find answers to important questions...
  • ​​​Want an antidote to fear, anger & other negative emotions? I’ll share with you a specific daily practice that modern research shows to be this antidote...
  • ​​​The 1 stupidly-simple daily habit that a very-highly-regarded United States Navy admiral does every single morning to mentally prepare himself for a great day…
  • ​​​HACKING MEETINGS - 4 practical tips for optimizing meetings for productivity.
  • ​​How to set up a structure so you stop forgetting to follow-up with / reply back to people you promised you would… (NOTE: this will not only save you from having to apologize about forgetting to reply, but will also help you DO MORE & EARN MORE as you begin to make connections, build stronger relationships & seize opportunities that otherwise may have “slipped through the cracks”)...
Value: $97.00

Laser-Like Focus

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The 2 APPROACHES we can take to be more 'efficient' in our work... (PLUS: 8 powerful, game-changing strategies for minimizing distraction & improving your focus!)
  • ​The ‘5 LEVELS OF PERSPECTIVE’ that will forever change how you look at 'distraction'... (once you learn this method, avoiding distraction & overcoming constant interruption will become much, much easier!)
  • ​​​The 2 PSYCHOLOGICAL REASONS we’re unconsciously drawn to distractions... which, once again, upon learning, will make the process of avoiding distractions much, much easier! (NOTE: this is based on the same underlying set of understandings that I use to help customers & clients break lifelong addictions - such as drinking, smoking, drugs - in a single 60 - 90 minute call!)
  • FOCUS IS LIKE A MUSCLE! - I break down the misconception that concentration or focus is something that you either innately possess or you don’t... & show you how you can train your focus & concentration like a muscle... (based on scientific research!)
  • ​​​REVEALED: The #1 source of ‘self-imposed distraction’… (& how to eliminate it!)
  • ​​​The shocking study that reveals the great danger of 'multi-tasking'… why “multi-tasking” is an ineffective approach most of the time & the 1 exception to this rule...
  • ​​​THE POWER OF ‘FOCUS BLOCKS’ - How to set up a work structure of focus that minimizes distraction & improves your work efficiency... (this is one of the biggest keys to my daily productivity & something I believe we should have all learned in school!)
  • ​​​The 1 ‘’meta-strategy’’ (backed by over 1000 research studies) which improves your concentration, trains your capacity to sustain focus, which simultaneously reducing stress, elevating mood & even boosting compassion --- it only takes 5 - 10 minute per day to implement!
  • ​​​The scientific research behind why ‘’taking breaks’’ regularly will actually help you get MORE DONE each day (not less!)...
  • ​​​​The 3 KEYS to proper REST & RECOVERY that’ll ensure that, while you “take breaks” your focus & mental capacity is being optimally regenerated... allowing you to minimize stress, enjoy your work-days as well as ultimately, get more done each & every day!
Value: $97.00

Extreme Productivity

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • CASE STUDY: “Holding myself hostage in a hotel room” as a method of activating extreme levels of productivity --- this enabled me to write a 200+ page book (start to finish) in just 4.5 days!
  • YOU CAN DO IT TOO! - I deconstruct the EXACT strategies that I use to be able to complete extreme feats of productivity (like in the ‘case study’ above; writing a book in just 4.5 days) & how YOU too can apply the same strategies in the same specific ways to also be able to channel ‘extreme’ / ‘insane’ levels of productivity whenever you want! (NOTE: these strategies, applied correctly, are SOOOO powerful that you’ll be able to get more done in a few days then others are able to get all month!)
  • ​​​The #1 strategy that I consistently rely on whenever I need to get something important done as quickly as possible... I’ll reveal this powerful strategy, as well as share ways that you can begin to practically apply it into your life...
  • Does KNOWLEDGE & SKILL contribute to productivity? OF COURSE! -- But, not quite in the ways that most people would assume…
  • ​​​The 1 SKILL I learned in 4 - 6 hours, which over the last few years, has already saved me thousands of hours in return… (& can do the same for you!)
  • ​​​THE ‘’ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCE’’ framework - The 3 things that make up our ‘environment’ & how to use these 3 things - like pulling levers - to elevate your levels of productivity - on demand​!
  • ​​​​Insights into how the PEOPLE we work alongside influence our productivity levels (& how you can boost your productivity... without having to ‘cut’ any of your friend!)
  • ​​​HACKING 'CREATIVITY' - ​How I consistently hack my creativity to generate greater levels of inspiration, whenever I choose to,  by applying a specific ‘creativity-boosting’ technique! (NOTE: this is a must-learn thing for anyone doing any type of creative work!)
  • ​​​How I psychologically “trick my brain” into staying focused for longer (sparking new motivation & concentration) with a very-specific productivity hack...
  • ​​​How to get rid of overwhelm & actually begin applying all these productivity strategies, tips, tricks & hacks into your life before you even finish this program!
Value: $97.00

A Productive & Meaningful Life

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • IMPORTANT: “Productivity” is NOT just about work! --- You’ll learn how to apply the big ideas about productivity & time management from the first 6 modules to advance & elevate not just work, but ALL the important areas of your life (including, your health & fitness, relationships, personal life, etc.)
  • ​How to apply the “PRODUCTIVE INPUTS & OUTPUTS’’ strategy from module #2 to turn even the most intangible, difficult & confusing goals (e.g. find a life partner, create magic moments in a relationship / family) into a list of actions that you can take to skew your odds to creating the success & happiness you desire in your favour (this is one of the biggest keys I’ve ever found for achieving what you want!)
  • ​​​How to apply one of the productivity strategies in this program to create great joy & happiness in your relationship / marriage... (research now proves doing this is one of the most accurate predictors for relationship marital success!)
  • The 4 PROBLEMS we often face when it comes to “WORK-LIFE BALANCE& creating the lifestyle we want! (PLUS: 4 insights & potential solutions that you can easily personalize to your own situation & apply to create the life you want!)
  • ​​​Just as ‘SUCCESS’ means different things to different people, so does ‘BALANCE’... & so I’ll uncover exactly how you DEFINE your desired level of ‘balance’ in life (this is the 1st, often-overlooked, step to creating a life you love!)
  • ​​​How are you measuring your sense of ‘balance’ in life? Most people only look at ‘quantity of hours’.. but there’s a 2nd (often overlooked!) metric we have to take into account if we want to feel truly fulfilled with how we’re spending our time...
  • ​​​Why ‘balance’ is NOT what actually what it appears to be.. & why the way to get our desired sense of ‘’balance’’ is actually different than most would assume...
  • ​​​Ever feel like you need to choose between a professional achievement & ‘work-life balance’? Well, once you fully understand the concepts of ‘’INTENTIONAL IMBALANCE’’ & power of “COUNTER-BALANCING” you’ll be able to more confidently pursue BOTH professional achievement & the lifestyle you’ve envisioned for yourself!
  • ​​​How to build flexibility into ALL the important areas of your life so you be... prepared, yet adaptable… committed, yet flexible in your approach… focused on the thing at hand, yet aware & on top of everything important in your life...
  • ​​​The ‘2 APPROACHES TO WORK-LIFE BALANCE’ framework - this will bring everything in this module together & guide you to create a productive & meaningful life!
Value: $97.00

Implementation & Integration

Inside this module, you'll learn...
  • The simple, yet powerful, ‘3-word distinction’ that'll help you combat overwhelm, reduce procrastination & actually apply these strategies to get better results!
  • ​Why the rich get richer & the poor get poorer... discover the 3 parts of “THE MOMENTUM CYCLE” that leads people to either spiral upwards or downwards.
  • ​​​The 3 LEVERS we can pull at any moment in order to "HACK MOMENTUM", quickly snap out of negative, downwards spirals & build powerful, upward momentum - at will!
  • How to strike a powerful sense of ‘belief’ into yourself (using particular “belief-boosting strategies & tactics) so that you take committed action & begin to see better results in all that you do…
  • ​​​Why 'SUCCESS LOVES SPEED' (hint: it’s primarily based on the power of accumulation & the ‘compound effect’)... as well as proven mindset shifts that will help you accelerate the attainment of any goal you're pursuing!!
  • ​​​How to optimally react to each & every success / failure that you face - in a way that support optimal productivity, progression & success moving forward!
  • ​​​How to train yourself to become an ‘implementation machine!’ (note: this will not only help you with this program but with every book, course, program, class, event, coaching session you ever go through!)
  • ​​​The ‘’IMPLEMENTATION SPEED’’ framework (& the specific set of insights that comes along with it)... that’ll help you not just implement stuff, but implement ideas & strategies into your life at an accelerated rate!
  • ​​​SUMMARY, RECAP & PROGRAM CLOSE --- Everything covered in the TIME HACK training program... how it all comes together... & how to can apply what you learned to get the best possible results (maximum value!) from this world-class productivity & time management training program!
Value: $97.00

But, That's Not All...

On top of 8 modules of world-class productivity & time management training, you also get, 5 "practical productivity processes"...

These a copy-and-paste processes that you copy directly into your life, almost instantly, to raise your performance & skyrocket productivity!

Here are the 5 "Practical Productivity Processes" you get access to now...


Daily Planning Process

This 6-part, 1-page 'Daily Planning Process' (together with the training that'll guide you through it) will change how you plan your days forever!

Each of the 6 part's what make up this process are strategically put together (based on modern scientific & psychological research) to help you maximize productivity, minimize overwhelm, reduce stress & help you manage your time optimally!

Once you start using this 'Daily Planning Process', you won't be able to go back to simply using a 'to-do list' or a 'calendar!'
Value: $47.00

Weekly Review Process

Just as professional athletes will review their performance (it's the best way to improve!)...

In that same way, we shouldn't end a week without a strategic 'Weekly Review Process!'

That's what this process will give you -- you can plug it into your life instantly & in just 10 minutes at the end of each week, you can review your performance optimally, reflect & build for the future!
Value: $47.00

Weekly Prep Process

Reviewing is one thing - preparing is another. As Benjamin Franklin said "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."

The Weekly Prep Process will help you re-connect with what's really important in your life, help you to set better goals, as well as get into the best possible state of mind for the week to come.

Doing this (which also takes just 10 minutes, once per week) will give you greater self-awareness, raise your performance, help you make better (more aligned) decisions & achieve your goals faster!
Value: $47.00

Monthly Clarity Process

Productivity starts with CLARITY. You can't be "productive" unless you first figure out what you want to be productive about - what you want to achieve, do, be, experience, create, etc.

And that's why, beyond the 8 modules of the program, you also get this 2-part bonus clarity walkthrough & guided visualization exercise...'ll help you figure out what you're passionate about, what inspires you, what you truly want, what you'd like to achieve & create in each & every area of your life! It's a guided visualization & journey exercise that you play & then follow along with to develop clarity!
Value: $47.00

Project Planning Process

A lot of people get overwhelmed, stressed (& because of this, end up procrastinating) because they haven't taken the time to break down big goals (& projects) into 2nd level outcomes & specific action-steps.

(nor do they have a way to keep track of all their ongoing projects)

The 'Project Planning Process' (& the walkthrough that comes with it) you won't have to face these problems again.

You'll have a powerful & practical 'process' you can plug into your life to plan properly, break down big projects, remove overwhelm, reduce stress & & get more done, faster! 
Value: $47.00

Plus, You're Also Getting Access To A Number Of Special BONUSES...

On top of everything else, you're also getting access to a number of very special bonuses that'll further elevate your Time Hack experience!

These bonuses include...

360° Productivity Planner

You'll also get access to the '360° Productivity Planner'.

This productivity planner will help you practically apply the system you learn in module #3 of this program... each & every day!

For me personally, this planner is something that I use every single day - it helps me to live this system, manage my time & life optimally!
Value: $37.00

360° Journal

One of the most powerful habits we can build is JOURNALLING.

Throughout history, journalling was a habit that so many of the world's highest-achieving individuals used, including: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Mark Twain & Marcus Aurelius & many others!

The problem: when we journal on the SAME questions every day (like most journals encourage) our brain starts to disengage. Variety is key.

That's why I've curated 180 of the most powerful, thought-provoking, journal questions & packaged them into this new kind of journal!
Value: $27.00

Exclusive Support Channel

On top of everything else, you also can ask any questions you have about productivity & time management (as well as anything else covered inside the Time Hack Productivity Mastery Program) & get answers to your questions from me directly.

A lot of course creators & experts don't offer anything like this because they won't want customers contacting them & asking lots of questions.

I prefer the opposite... the more direct, specific questions I get from my audience, the better. The better their experience is & the more input I have to create amazing products & programs in the future.

Exclusive Support Channel - get answers to your specific questions from Bogdan directly as you go through the Time Hack Program.
Value: $297.00

Facebook Community Group

Sometimes, personal growth can feel like a lonely journey! 

This won't be the case with the Time Hack Productivity Program program. Not only do you get access to me (with any questions you have about the program itself) but you also get access to a community of members also going through this program as well!

You get access to a Facebook Community Group, where you can also ask questions, engage with others & share your progress!
Value: Priceless!

In Summary, Here's Everything 
You're Getting Today...

 The Core 8-Module Training Program

  • Module #1: Transending 'Busyness'​
  • ​Module #2: Mastering Order & Chaos
  • ​Module #3: 360° Productivity System
  • Module ​#4: 6-Part, 1-Pg Productivity Plan 
  • ​Module #5: Laser-Like Focus
  • ​​Module #6: Extreme Productivity​
  • ​Module #7: Productive & Meaningful Life 
  • ​​Module #8: Implementation & Integration

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Module #1: Transcending 'Busyness' ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #2: Mastering Order & Chaos ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #3: 360° Productivity System ($97.00 Value)
  • Module ​#4: 6-Part, 1-Pg, Productivity Plan ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #5: Laser Like Focus ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #6: Extreme Productivity ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #7: Productive & Meaningful Life ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #8: Implementation & Integration ($97.00 Value)

 Practical Productivity "Processes"

  • Process #1: Daily Planning Process​
  • ​Process #2: Weekly Review Process
  • ​Process #3: Weekly Prep Process
  • Process #4: Monthly Clarity Process
  • ​Process #5: Project Planning Process

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

  • Process #1: Daily Planning Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #2: Weekly Review Process​ ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #3: Weekly Prep Process ($47.00 Value)
  • Process #4: Monthly Planning Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #5: Project Planning Process ​($47.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: 360° Planner
  • ​Bonus #2: 360° Journal

($37.00 Value)

($27.00 Value)

  • ​​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line
  • Bonus #3: FB Community Group

($297.00 Value)


  • Bonus #1: 360 Productivity Planner ($37.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #2: 360 Journal ($27.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line  ($297.00 Value)
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group  (Priceless!)

Total Program Value:


This is highly valuable stuff!

Think about it...

If you could finally learn how to maximize your productivity, eradicate distractions, create laser-like focus & manage your time optimally... what would that be worth to you?

What would it be worth over the course of a WEEK? 


Or a YEAR?

What about over the course of a LIFETIME?

Probably a lot more than $1,372, right?

Once again, clients have paid me much, much more than this to have be coach them through this material & help them to improve their productivity, focus & results!

(& they didn't even get ALL of the downloadable "processes" & amazing bonuses that I'm including with your Time Hack program order today!)

Oh, & if the pricing for this program was done by a prestigious college or university, they'd be charging you tens of thousands of dollars for a curriculum as in-depth & effective as this one...

But, my goal now is to make this (life-changing) information accessible to as many people as possible...

Which is why, I'm not going to be charging you $1,372 (or anywhere near that) today...

In fact, your investment if you want the Time Hack Productivity & Time Management Training Program, won't even be a tenth of this...

Today, you can get everything listed above at a massive discount of...


If you decide to invest in yourself... in your future... in this world-class training program, you get everything at a massive 93% discount...

Total Value: $1,372

Just $97!

That's the price of a family meal at a nice restaurant... a pair of fancy, new shoes... or a few weeks worth of daily Starbucks Frappuccino's...

Except here, you're getting access to a whole lot more... you're getting what you need to master your productivity & transform your life!

Here's Everything That You're Getting For Just $97 Today...

 The Core 8-Module Training Program

  • Module #1: Transending 'Busyness'​
  • ​Module #2: Mastering Order & Chaos
  • ​Module #3: 360° Productivity System
  • Module ​#4: 6-Part, 1-Pg Productivity Plan 
  • ​Module #5: Laser-Like Focus
  • ​​Module #6: Extreme Productivity ​
  • ​Module #7: Productive & Meaningful Life 
  • ​​Module #8: Implementation & Integration

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

($97.00 Value)

  • Module #1: Transcending 'Busyness' ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #2: Mastering Order & Chaos ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #3: 360° Productivity System ($97.00 Value)
  • Module ​#4: 6-Part, 1-Pg, Productivity Plan ($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #5: Laser Like Focus ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #6: Extreme Productivity ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​Module #7: Productive & Meaningful Life ​($97.00 Value)
  • ​​Module #8: Implementation & Integration ($97.00 Value)

 Practical Productivity "Processes"

  • Process #1: Daily Planning Process​
  • ​Process #2: Weekly Review Process
  • ​Process #3: Weekly Prep Process
  • Process #4: Monthly Clarity Process
  • ​Process #5: Project Planning Process

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

($47.00 Value)

  • Process #1: Daily Planning Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #2: Weekly Review Process​ ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #3: Weekly Prep Process ($47.00 Value)
  • Process #4: Monthly Planning Process ($47.00 Value)
  • ​Process #5: Project Planning Process ​($47.00 Value)

 Special Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: 360° Planner
  • ​Bonus #2: 360° Journal

($37.00 Value)

($27.00 Value)

  • ​​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line
  • Bonus #3: FB Community Group

($297.00 Value)


  • Bonus #1: 360 Productivity Planner ($37.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #2: 360 Journal ($27.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Exclusive Support Line  ($297.00 Value)
  • Bonus #4: FB Community Group  (Priceless!)

Your Success Truly Is Our Top Priority!

This may sounds cliche, but it's real for me...

I've seen too many courses out that are marketed well & promise you the world... but are put together poorly & fail to deliver results...

Or, the customer is left to figure things out on their own without the accountability, community, support that makes success possible...

Which is why, at Potencia, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that the programs we put out are of the highest possible standard, & include everything you need to create the changes, transformations & results you desire in your life.

Here's how simple the process is...

Step #1: Place your order today

Step #2: Receive your login details

Step #3: Log in & begin the program

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

This means, just a few minutes from now, you could already be starting the Time Hack Productivity Mastery Program, getting the productivity training you need to take your results to the next level!

And then, on top of this, you also get access to the processes included, support (if you need it) from us... any questions you have will be answered... & you have a community to support you!
Your order is also...

Completely Guaranteed

Here's the *crazy* guarantee which comes with this program...

 Best Productivity & Time Management Program - Guaranteed!

If after 60 days, you don't believe the content & strategies shared inside the 'Time Hack' program doesn't make this the best productivity & time management online training program you've ever gone through (& isn't worth at least 10X it's combined value), we'll give you a 100% refund (no questions asked). 

In essence, you have 60 days to test-drive Time Hack, risk-free, and if after those 60 days, you don't see tremendous value from it, just contact us & we'll refund your order 100% - this is an extended 60 day guaranteed & applies no-questions-asked.

Lifetime Access

When you join the Time Hack program, you get access for life. It's yours to keep & you can go through it - including the processes included with it - as many times as you want.

(Order once & let it serve you well for the rest of your life.)

Free Upgrades

Today, you're ordering version 3.0 of the Time Hack Productivity Program. When this program is updated in future, you'll receive access to the upgrade, for free. 

(just as v1 & v2 members got access to v3.0 free of charge.)

Price Guarantee

This is the lowest price that this program has ever been offered at & it's the lowest price that this program will ever be offered for in future!

(The discount you're getting today will likely go away, or atleast be reduced in future.)

You Must Act Now

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Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I look forward to hearing about the amazing results this program will bring you... 

Have an incredible day, 
Bogdan Juncewicz
PROGRAM CREATOR  |  Bogdan Juncewicz
Since making a decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, Bogdan has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people extraordinary at what they do & how anyone can create the success & happiness they desire...

Today, he's the author of multiple bestselling & internationally-distributed books (including 'Skilled Success' & Self Mastery'). He's also a content creator & keynote speaker, who has spoken on stages across 3 continents, teaching thousands & thousands of people worldwide. Including: multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

Bogdan has more than 9 years of real-world, practical regular-100-hour-work-weeks experience, researching, studying & teaching topics, such as accelerated learning, skill development, human psychology, motivation, productivity & overall personal development. And his teachings are grounded in (& backed by) years of research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology & human behavior.

A lot of his experience, specific insights & relatable examples have also come from the in-the-trenches work he does as a ‘coach,’ delivering breakthrough results for his clients. 

Over the years, he’s helped people break addictions, overcome limiting beliefs & make huge shifts in their lives in just a few coaching sessions - the same results some therapists take many, many years to get for their clients!

Most importantly, he’s the founder of an online education company, 'Potencia' which serves customers & clients across 80+ countries & 6 continents, providing world-class alternative education in the areas that school falls short. The mission of this company (& his work) is to reform the education system & elevate, improve & evolve human education - for greater achievement, happiness & freedom...

Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Coach. Voluntary High School Dropout.
What Others Say About Bogdan's Work...

''Bogdan's honest, sincere & uncomplicated manner is breath of fresh air. These strategies guided me to come up with a system that works for me.''

- Riffi Khan, TV Producer & Founder of Sunflower Productions

''Bogdan's knowledge combined with this fantastic ability to explain everything simply... will leave anyone achieving their greatness.''

- Noah Abelman, 99.90th percentile student & creator: ExamReadyTutoring

''I can promise you that Bogdan's guidance will be invaluable to helping you reach your end goal.''

- Pam Wright, Australia’s Leading Stress Expert & FasterEFT Trainer
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