Author, International Health
& Fitness Professional, Speaker
Tom has been in the Health & Fitness industry for 20 years, working closely with hundreds of clients 1-on-1 as a Personal Trainer in 3 different countries & teaching thousands of people in Health Seminars all around the world.

Since developing severe eczema at the age of 22, Tom has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people sick & how anyone can heal their body naturally without turning to drugs and surgery.

Having read hundred of books on improving health and developing a positive mental attitude, and thousands of medical & research papers on the subjects of natural healing, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, alternative healing and many other subjects he has helped thousands of people improve their health & lose weight all around the world.

Today he is the founder and content creator of The Health & Fitness Tribe which is an online membership website where people can access short, fun workout videos, healthy recipes, the latest health tips and much more.
Lazy F*cks Don't Live To 100 - Book
By Tom Broadwell
In this controversial new health book you'll learn exactly how you can achieve optimal health, lose weight permanently, live longer & look better naked!
Tom's Health & Fitness Tribe
By Tom Broadwell
The Health & Fitness Tribe is a powerful health & fitness coaching subscription & community group, designed to give you the consistency, community, support, guidance & community you need to crush your health & fitness goals!
21 Day Health Challenge
By Tom Broadwell
This 21 Day Challenge (created based on Tom's 20+ years of hands-on experience) will give you everything you need to lose weight (& keep it off permanently), heal your body, look (& feel) younger & get in the best shape of your life!
Biohacking Basics - Course
By Tom Broadwell
In the Biohacking Basics course, health & fitness expert, Tom Broadwell, will teach you science-backed insights, strategies & methods you can use to hack your biology, optimize your environment & transform your life.
BulletProof Your Body - Course
By Tom Broadwell
Learn how to minimise your risk of injury & eliminate foot, knee, hip & back pain with this insightful new mini-course today.
Perfect Posture - Course
By Tom Broadwell
Learn how to quickly & easily correct your posture & heal your body & prevent back & neck pain with this new mini-course today.
Fun Fitness Challenges
By Tom Broadwell
Discover fun, inspiring & motivating fitness challenges that will help you improve your health, fitness & build muscle, while having fun
Top 16 Ways To Build Muscle
By Tom Broadwell
Want to build muscle? This audio training will help you to do this easier & more effectively than ever before! (led by Tom Broadwell, based on 19+ years of health & fitness experience!)
Top 17 Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset
By Tom Broadwell
Positive people are more likely to succeed & are also proven to live longer. In this audio training, you'll learn how to maintain a Positive Mindset - no matter what's going on around you!
Top 12 Ways To Stay Safe During Any Outbreak Or Pandemic
By Tom Broadwell
This information is more important than at any other point in history. You'll learn 12 ways to get prepared for any event, stay safe & protect your family, yourself & those in your community!
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